Issue #75


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Available in original format.



Editorial—Stuart McRobert
Need for action, not the canting of platitudes

Barrier Buster—Lou Ravelle
The multi-poundage system

The Cubist Chronicles, Part 3—Stephen Wedan
The author’s autobiographical account of hard gaining and lessons learned: The deep end of the think tank

In Their Own Words—John R. Christy
Updates on four of John’s clients

Bob Whelan’s Q&A—Bob Whelan
How to avoid injuries, one-legged and two-legged Hammer Strength deadlifts, training frequency, arm wrestling, ab training, cambered squat bar

Individualizing Training—Bradley J. Steiner

The Pit’s Strong Man Contest—Dick Connor

The Steel Tip—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Lower-extremity training (continued), a subscriber’s input, more on grip training

Abbreviated, Basic and Overtrained—Casey Butt

Patience—Jeff Pitts
Make haste slowly

Twenty-Rep Squatting “Magic”—Robert Sparkman

The Value of a Training Log—Adam Farrah

Beyond Trigger Points, Part 6—Gregory Steiner, DC
The wrap-up on sciatica

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Tom Inch, safety-first bench press unit, a common refrain, cheap grip work, life-saving weight training