Issue #21




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
The real world

Asking Dr. Ken—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
More on author’s fall from 230 lbs bodyweight, response to Mike Thompson’s assertions in issue #19

Rules—Christian N. Temple
Author’s rules of training

Sensible Training for Advanced Lifters, Part 1—Brooks D. Kubik

The Real Thing, Chapter X—Mike Thompson
Fictionalized training instruction

400 x 20 Deadlifting—Stuart McRobert
Author’s step-by-step deadlifting cycle

Steve Reeves—David Chapman

Meal Planning—Dave Maurice and Rich Rydin

Painful Lessons—Ian Campbell
Recovery from injury, how to avoid training injuries

Tribute to Bruce N. Page—Fred R. Howell

The Turkish Get-Up—Tony Rose

Tribute to Leo Murdock—Fred R. Howell

Chiropractic Viewpoint—Dr. R. Keith Hartman
Chiropractic magic, self-adjustment of the spine

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Keeping on the rails, small discs, food supplements, Stuart’s memory lane, readers’ lessons