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The free HARDGAINER discussion forum is called Abbreviated Training. It was started in July 2018 by Chris Donlon. Chris is a 41-year-old high-school vice principal from England who has had a passion for abbreviated training since reading an article by Stuart in 1996. It’s a place where people can post articles, blogs, photos and videos, ask questions, and set up discussion threads about abbreviated training. Their definition of abbreviated training is in line with the writing and advice of the likes of Stuart, Dick Conner, John Christy and Dr. Ken Leistner. 

The group has a large membership.  Members range from young beginners to middle-aged (and older) guys with bags of in-the-trenches experience. Some of them wrote for and/or were featured in HARDGAINER magazine.

Get support, motivation, inspiration and advice every day you need it, share your own stories and experiences, and make friends with bodybuilders and strength trainees around the world.