About HARDGAINER print magazine

There are 89 issues of HARDGAINER print magazine, with a total of over 1,100 articles. HARDGAINER is free of mainstream hokum, but crammed with practical advice, and wisdom, to show you what really works for drug-free bodybuilders and strength trainees with normal genetics and busy lives.

Although there’ll be no new issues of HARDGAINER print magazine, all of its 89 issues are still available. HARDGAINER’s content doesn’t date. Fresh information, and the expertise and experiences of a range of contributors, can be found in each issue. And there’s plenty of grassroots material, too. The issues represent a treasury of experience and advice that will be long sought after. They cover topics such as:

  • Inspirational articles on developing the right training philosophy for you.
  • Sample workouts for bodybuilders, including specialization routines.
  • Programs for powerlifters, and strength trainees.
  • Advice for new, intermediate, and advanced trainees.
  • How-to articles about specific exercises.
  • Guidance on the psychology of training.
  • Exercise equipment.
  • Training in home gyms, and commercial gyms.
  • Questions and answers on all aspects of training and related topics.
  • Success stories.
  • Guidance and tips on nutrition, and recuperation in general.
  • Guidance on the treatment and prevention of injuries.
  • From-the-grassroots articles, and readers’ letters.
  • Furthermore, Stuart edited each issue, and contributed to each one.

All back issues of HARDGAINER print magazine are available, although issues 1-30, 38, and 42-44 are available in photocopy format only. But all the other issues are available in original format.

The first issue of HARDGAINER print magazine has 24 pages. It grew to 40 pages in the 6th issue, and 48 pages in the 14th issue. All issues thereafter have 48 pages. And although Stuart wrote most of the articles in the first few issues, other authors quickly came on board to provide their wealth of experience and expertise.

Although the magazine is small in size, it’s huge in its specialization. Each issue is almost entirely made up of practical, helpful guidance. Bodybuilding magazines are usually full of ads, photos and padding, with few pages of instruction that’s practical and helpful for natural, genetically normal bodybuilders.

Take advantage of HARDGAINER’s treasury of information and instruction, and boost your bodybuilding progress.

Here are the 89 issues of HARDGAINER print magazine. Click on the cover images to see the contents of the issues.