Issue #24




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert

Asking Dr. Ken—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Involvement with the American Powerlifting Federation, leg press machines, Tru-Squat, leg curl, rep cadence

The Trouble with Vanadyl Sulphate—Michael Mooney

How to Design a Productive Training Program, Part 2—Brooks D. Kubik

A Physical Culture Odyssey—Greg Newton
Autobiographical sketch, key lessons learned

The One-Hand Snatch—Tony Rose

Build Variety into Your Back Program Using the Power Rack—Bill Starr

Correct Timing—Stuart McRobert
How to make changes in your training program

My Home-Gym—Craig Knight
Includes construction drawings for a power rack

Why a Hard Gainer’s Routine Works, Part 2—Dave Maurice and Rich Rydin

The Real Thing, Chapter XIII—Mike Thompson
Fictionalized training instruction

Eugen Sandow and the Birth of Bodybuilding—David Chapman

Chiropractic Viewpoint—Dr. R. Keith Hartman
Pullovers, breathing technique, ankle stiffness, knees

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Russian 18-workout program, nutrition, Charles Meng article part 1