Hello, this is Stuart McRobert

If you want bodybuilding success, and you’re training drug-free, this website and my publications are tailor-made for you. Welcome!

At school and college I was  . . .

more interested in bodybuilding than my education
more interested in bodybuilding than socializing
more interested in bodybuilding than partying
more interested in bodybuilding than sports
more interested in bodybuilding than music
more interested in bodybuilding than cars
more interested in bodybuilding than anything else whatsoever

All I wanted to do was train, recuperate, and read muscle magazines and books. As much as I possibly could, I cut myself off from normal life in order to devote myself to bodybuilding. And I really gave my pound of flesh in the gym.

I was utterly consumed by bodybuilding. But even my extraordinary level of commitment wasn’t successful because it wasn’t properly applied.

Bodybuilding instruction that works

During my youth I couldn’t find a reliable source of guidance for drug-free bodybuilders with normal genetics—commonly called hardgainers (or hard gainers). There was some decent training information scattered in the many magazines and other publications I studied, but I couldn’t identify it back then. The articles supposedly written by champion bodybuilders influenced me the most, but misled me the most.

The reason why I made poor progress during most of my youth was because I didn’t know how to train properly. I did eat and sleep enough.

I wish I’d had an expert mentor to have laid down the law for me in the gym, to have spared me from wasting some of my prime years on terrible training methods.

In nearly all cases, those who have difficulty building muscle are simply not training and recuperating properly. They invariably have badly designed routines, use lousy exercise technique, train too much and too often, don’t train with sufficient effort, don’t eat well enough, and don’t sleep well enough.

I’d wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, but it was an unattainable goal because my heredity didn’t provide me with the potential to build huge muscles, and I wasn’t willing to take bodybuilding drugs. But the lessons I eventually learned did enable me to build a lot of muscle, transform my physique, and deadlift 400 pounds for 20 reps—drug-free and with “normal” genetics.

When I started a publishing company, in 1989, I wanted to provide the instruction that I wish I’d had access to when I was in my youth, as an alternative to a mentor.

I’ve amassed a great deal of experience and knowledge, which I’ve put into a series of publications to teach you how to transform your physique.

While it’s much easier to find training information now than it was when I was young, it’s not easy for most bodybuilders to identify the most useful guidance. And that’s why most bodybuilders today are just as confused and dissatisfied as I was when I was young, and run the same risk of wasting some of the best years of their lives.

My qualifications

My qualifications for being able to help you include the following:

I’ve written six major books on physique transformation, and three supplementary works.

I’ve also written a major book on mental health.

I published and edited HARDGAINER print magazine for 15 years and 89 issues.

I’ve had over 1,000 articles published in print magazines other than HARDGAINER.

And now I publish and edit the brand-new, digital HARDGAINER 2.0.

I have a reputation for providing thorough, honest, and highly effective instruction free of any association with the food supplement and exercise equipment industries.

I have 49 years of personal experience and study of physical training.

I’ve guided countless people with their training.

I have a degree in education. I was a school teacher for nine years before I became a full-time writer and publisher.

And I have training in soft-tissue therapy for the treatment of injuries.

To your success,