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Are you struggling to build muscle?

Are you a hardgainer?

If you are, don’t be discouraged, insists Stuart McRobert. Most bodybuilders make little progress simply because the conventional bodybuilding methods they apply suck.

Follow Stuart’s guidance on natural bodybuilding (who’s Stuart McRobert?), learn how to train properly, apply yourself correctly, and you really can develop a terrific physique and transform your fitness.

Quickly become your own expert personal trainer.

Done properly, bodybuilding works wonders.

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The guidance for building muscle, losing fat and improving fitness is the same for men and women.

The benefits from proper bodybuilding training are extensive for both sexes. The visible benefits are the most obvious, but there are many internal benefits that improve health and fitness.

But if you don’t have some real bodybuilding progress to show for your efforts over the last few months, your training isn’t working, and it’s time to try a different approach.

Stop wasting workouts.

Conventional bodybuilding methods don’t work well for most bodybuilders. Those methods create hardgainers.

Set aside the myths and traditions that have limited your bodybuilding progress. And be prepared for radical if not revolutionary training concepts.

Apply what you learn from Stuart McRobert, and you’ll achieve what you crave—a terrific physique.


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