Frequently asked questions, with Stuart

I have a unique set of experiences and qualifications that give me a unique perspective on bodybuilding and related topics.

I started training in a gym at age 15, in 1973 or ’74, and I’m still training hard today at age 61. I had my first article published in 1981, in Iron Man magazine, and since then have had around 1,000 articles published in print magazines. In addition, I published and edited HARDGAINER magazine for 15 years, and I’ve written several acclaimed books. I’ve earned a reputation for providing thorough, honest, practical and highly effective instruction for drug-free trainees with average genetics for bodybuilding. And I’m independent of the food-supplement and training-equipment industries. I’ve also written a book on psychological matters related to bodybuilding, and mental health in general. Furthermore, I have a degree in education and training in soft-tissue therapy.

No. The opposite happened! Now that my mental health is much improved, my physical health has also improved. I enjoy my training even more now than I used to before, and I may also be getting even more benefits from my workouts now. And I’m also publishing the all-new HARDGAINER 2.0 now. I’ve been revitalized!

First, there was just HARDGAINER print magazine: 89 issues of it. Later, just 10 of those issues were digitalized in the format of the two volumes of BODYBUILDING GOLD MINE. Now, though, as from April 10, 2021, there’s also HARDGAINER 2.0, which is a brand new monthly digital magazine, with all-new content. HG 2.0 is NOT a digitalization of HARDGAINER print magazine. They are two separate magazines, although they share the same principles. For information on HARDGAINER 2.0, please click here.

There are 89 issues of HARDGAINER print magazine, with a total of over 1,100 articles. HARDGAINER print magazine is free of mainstream hokum, but crammed with practical advice, and wisdom, to show you what really works for drug-free bodybuilders and strength trainees with normal genetics and busy lives. See here for testimonials.

Only 10 of its 89 issues are currently available digitally, in the format of the first two volumes of BODYBUILDING GOLD MINE. Each volume has five issues of HARDGAINER. Volume 1 contains issues 31 through 35, and Volume 2 contains issues 36 through 40.

The volumes of BODYBUILDING GOLD MINE—the 10 digital issues of HARDGAINER print magazine—are available from amazon.com.

THE MUSCLE AND MIGHT TRAINING TRACKER is available only from this website—see BOOKS and SHOP. All of my other books are available from amazon.com and some other online outlets.

Sure, a free one. Click here for details, and how to sign up.