Photographs disclaimer

This is Stuart.

The only way to be sure there are no photographs of drug-enhanced men on this website is not to have any photographs of men published here other than those that were taken over 70 years ago. But that would be extreme response to the rampant use of drugs in the worlds of bodybuilding and strength training today. 

The most obvious examples of drug-fed physiques are the muscle monsters that abound in the mainstream bodybuilding press. But at the “moderate” levels of muscle development shown on this website, it’s not possible to identify with certainty whether or not the men have used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Even lesser levels of muscle development don’t necessarily guarantee drug-free status. The use of bodybuilding drugs is so common today that there are some men on them who don’t have physiques in line with that assistance because they don’t train well enough.

Sourcing suitable photographs to illustrate this website is tricky. Dishonesty abounds among users of PEDs. Consider the high-profile users of PEDs in cycling, athletics and other sports who were adament they were drug-free until they were eventually exposed. Many “drug-free” or “natural” bodybuilders use PEDs. 

Some men and women who are drug-free have exceptional physiques because they have good genetics for bodybuilding and they trained and recuperated well for many years.  

So, I can’t be sure that all the men in the photographs illustrating this website are drug-free. But what’s most important is that the instruction promoted on this website doesn’t need drug assistance to make it work, or exceptional genetics for bodybuilding. 

How well the instruction works, though, depends on how well it’s applied and for how long, the genetic potential of the individual for bodybuilding, and the individual’s age, current level of development, and health.