Issue #14




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert

Asking Dr. Ken—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
“Just do it,”how Kevin Tolbert and Dr. Ken used to train, sleep needs, a recent training program, wrestler’s bridge

Power Rack Training—Gareth Clement

The Real Thing, Chapter III—Mike Thompson
Fictionalized training instruction

Priorities—Stuart McRobert

The Hard Gainer Eats—Michael Mooney

A Powerlifter’s Viewpoint—Doug Daniels
Set and rep schemes, peaking

Rest and Relaxation—J.P. Erickson

The Genetic Trash Bag—Richard G. Abbott
The dangers of instant gratification

Perpetual Progression—Stuart McRobert
A program utilizing the 5 x 5 system

Muscle Control, Part 2—Tony Rose

Lessons from Experience—Bret Hittleman
Tips on training and nutrition

Chiropractic Viewpoint—Dr. R. Keith Hartman
Shoulders, squats, perspective

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Distraction attraction, drugs and deceit, food combinations, problems with milk, ultra-abbreviated training