Issue #10




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
Many avenues to a single goal

Asking Dr. Ken—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Weight gain (author’s “rise”), rep speed

Abbreviated Training Works! Part 1—Brooks D. Kubik
Author’s success story

Creating Intensity through Mental Training—J.P. Erickson

The Heartstopper—Randy Burruss
Abbreviated back-to-back training

The Olympic Lifts: A Second Opinion—Randall J. Strossen
The case for the Olympic lifts

Performance Supplements—Stuart McRobert

Bone Structure and Growth, Part 1—Paul Kelso
The breathing stiff-legged deadlift

The Neck—Tony Rose

Experimentation Success—Michael Mooney
Mesobolin  (but product no longer available)

Powerlifting for the Hard Gainer—Doug Daniels
The squat, Part 1

More from Rich Abbott—Richard G. Abbott

Bodybuilding: A History of Deception—Joe Roark
Arm girth

Letter from Chas—Charles A. Smith

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Genetics, Charles Meng, David Krall, 20-rep squats

Dealing with Injuries—Dr. R. Keith Hartman
Lifting belt, injury jargon

John Adams on Powerlifting, Part 4—John Adams
Lifting technique