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Weight-loss transformation.

WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is for everyone who has a weight problem. And it’s especially for people who are tired of failure from restrictive diets, fad diets, gimmicky pills, and exercise gadgets.

The book explains what real people did to lose weight and then keep it off. By drawing on real-life success stories, the book takes the best elements from many weight-loss plans and presents them in an easy-to-follow guide.

And it covers the psychological and physiological issues that are at the root of many people’s weight problems and weight-loss difficulties. Only after having addressed these issues will even a sensible weight-loss plan have a chance of success.

But aren’t anorexics weighing under 70 pounds, and 400-plus pound people, the only ones who have eating disorders? No.

And isn’t weight-loss simply about discipline and willpower? No.

Learn from real people who succeeded with weight-loss, and gain the confidence and know-how required to produce your own success story.

Ads that claim fast weight-loss results are usually snake-oil pitches, and are misleading and manipulative. People are duped by a multi-billion-dollar industry that preys on the gullible.


Real weight-loss success story

Co-author Brad Cailor has experienced all the trials and tribulations that come with trying to lose weight. Throughout his adult life he has regained well over 600 pounds of fat from yo-yo dieting. He lost it in different intervals, but kept putting it back on. It included more than a dozen 40- and 50-pound weight-losses. He was called “the human guinea pig for failed diets” by his friends.

But Brad’s experiences with dieting aren’t exceptional. They are common. And many people have lost far more weight than Brad. These people are among the real-life dieters Brad learned from, and who inspired him to research this topic thoroughly.

Chronic yo-yo dieting is a major reason why weight-related issues have become the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States — second only to smoking. And they may soon become the leading cause of preventable death, according to projections by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Brad needed to find a weight-loss plan that worked. It had to be one that wouldn’t make him miserable. And it had to be one he could comfortably sustain while still enjoying life.

After experimenting with almost every pill and plan, Brad found a blueprint that works, based on a model of success that has worked for countless real-life people who lost weight and then kept it off.

Brad’s final, continuous stretch of weight-loss yielded a 114-pound net fat-loss.

By this time Brad had a wealth of knowledge — from his 30 years of trial-and-error experiences, and his 25 years of research that included interviewing hundreds of people who have been successful with long-term weight-loss.

He wondered if this knowledge could be the basis of a book. So he discussed the raw concept, and his research, with Stuart McRobert from CS Publishing in Cyprus. Stuart immediately saw the potential for a co-authored book. His research acumen, knowledge of exercise and nutrition, and experience of writing how-to instructional books, in combination with Brad’s unique, powerful contribution, resulted in WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION.

Starting with Brad’s concept, Brad and Stuart worked to bring to weight-loss the same no-nonsense, practical and thorough approach that Stuart used when he wrote his books on exercise instruction.

Brad was a personal trainer for seven years, a trainer of national- and world-caliber powerlifters, the president of Kent State University’s Weightlifting and Exercise Association, and a competitive powerlifter. He also has a college degree in health education, post-graduate schooling in nutrition, and was a certified health teacher for almost a decade.

Brad has tremendous experience of dieting because he struggled with his weight for 30 years. Most so-called experts on weight-loss have never had such a struggle. Brad went through this agonizing struggle and eventually solved the problem.

Furthermore, Brad’s father, mother-in-law, and father-in-law died prematurely as a consequence of excessive weight and the inability to be successful with weight-loss. This book presents the information that could have prevented those deaths, and will prevent similar deaths.

Part I is a brief analysis of some of Brad’s weight-loss attempts, and what you can learn from his mistakes. It also explains why Brad got fat in the first place.

Part II details the psychological and physiological issues that are at the root of many people’s weight problems and weight-loss difficulties, and explains how they should be addressed.

As weight-loss obsessed as Brad was, it wasn’t until after 30 years of struggle that he acknowledged the contribution of psychological issues to his weight problem and the difficulties he had applying weight-loss plans.

Of course, a sensible, practical and healthy lifestyle is essential for successful weight-loss — a regimen that’s unlike most diets. But for many people, even a sensible regimen will work only if the related psychological and possibly physiological issues are understood and properly addressed.

Part III is the unique weight-loss guide written from the perspective of real-life experiences. It will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off.

WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION isn’t a diet book. Diets usually mean deprivation, discipline and dictates, and they invariably fail.

This isn’t just another book on weight-loss.

As of late 2009 — just prior to the publication of this book — Brad has maintained his ideal weight for just three-and-a-half years because that’s the period since he completed his transformation. But many of the real-life dieters Brad researched — who followed the same basic approach as he did — made their transformations much earlier, and thus have maintained their ideal weights for much longer. And the approach they all used — explained in this book — will work for you, too, if you apply it as they did. Be confident!

The basic formula for weight-loss is common to all effective plans — reduced caloric intake, and increased caloric output. But precisely how those two components are implemented makes the difference between a plan that can be carried out comfortably and enjoyably over the long-term, and a plan that can be carried out only over the short-term because it’s restrictive, unpleasant, and impractical.

The lifestyle-reform, weight-loss and health model promoted in WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is comfortable and enjoyable to implement, and thus sustainable over the long-term, to produce the required weight-loss and then keep it off.

And not only will it transform your appearance, it will also transform your health, which will add life to your years, and probably add years to your life.


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