Issue #36




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
The big picture

From the Grassroots—Chris Wedge
Real-life abbreviated training

A High-Intensity Workout—Drew Israel

The Neglected Body Part—Steve Stocker
Neck training

Progressive Pathways for the Over-40 Trainee, Part 1—Jack Stocks, Jr.

Form and Technique—Brooks D. Kubik
The bench press, Part 1

Biographical Sketch—Dr. R. Keith Hartman

Asking Dr. Ken—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Olympic lifting, 20-rep squats, Hoagland Safety Squat Bar, dips, strength and aging, T-bar row

The Other Unparalleled Exercise, Part 2—Jan Dellinger
Deadlifting form, Al Gerard, Bob Peoples, partial deadlift, equipment options

The Key to All Lifting—Michael Boyle and Eric Bryan
Back position, flexibility

Stacking Nickels on the Core Exercise—John McKean
Designing a routine around a favorite exercise

Attitude and Effort: Keys to Success—Bob Whelan

Chiropractic—Dr. R. Keith Hartman
Deadlift variations, rehabilitation exercises, finding professional help, rhomboideus strain, lateral release

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Real-life struggles and success, the modern mess, the first priority