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Steve Holman is the Editor in Chief of IRONMAN magazine. Here's his review of BUILD
MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT, in the July 2006 issue of IRONMAN:
IRONMAN readers know Stuart McRobert from his decades of contributions to the
magazine. He's also the author of a number of popular bodybuilding books, including
TECHNIQUE. His latest tome is, in my opinion, his best work yet.
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is packed with info for weight-training
enthusiasts no matter what their level of experience or gender. Its 600-plus pages
contain almost 400 photographs and so much good advice that you'll go back to it again
and again throughout your training career.
It's really four books in one. First, you get a step-by-step 12-month training program that
you can modify to your particular level of training. McRobert covers all the details.
Book two is an in-depth look at exercise technique so that you can achieve total
mastery of every movement -- without fear of injury or cumulative joint damage.
Book three contains McRobert's prescription for cardio that's invaluable for fast fat loss
and cardiovascular health. He also discusses the truth about age and exercise, how to
optimize your recuperative powers, rep speed and control, the science and lexicon of
muscle building, and how to get started if you're a beginner.
Book four is McRobert's personal account of his astonishing recovery from some
debilitating injuries. He says he now has ranges of movement in his neck, back and knees
that he hasn't had in more than 15 years. He provides critical lessons for all of us who
train with weights, and also describes the corrective therapy that made him a new man.
McRobert has more than 30 years of personal experience in physical training, and
through his previous publication -- HARDGAINER magazine -- corresponded,
interviewed and learned from countless coaches, chiropractors and researchers. He's a
walking treasure trove of muscle-building information.
This book will be your go-to guide for bigger, safer results from your workouts.
Rich Abbott, from Santa Paula, California, has deadlifted 500 pounds at 65 years old and
164-pounds bodyweight. He has 55 consecutive years of training experience, over 90
weightlifting and powerlifting contests, over 80 first-through-third-place trophies, six age-
category state, national, and world deadlift records (his WABDL 165-pound weight class, 61-
67 age category, 501-pound deadlift record of 2001 still stands), and seven best-lifter
trophies. Here's Rich's review of BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT:
Multiple books in one it is -- a truly remarkable piece of work: 30 years of practical
experience, brilliant insight, theory and practice, mistakes, relentless investigation, and
pursuit of an ideal. This single work is both a culmination and a legacy of such breadth
and depth of the chosen subject that if Stuart were to write not another word, his
legacy would be no less.
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is the ONLY one of all the training books
I've read (excluding Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting training for competition)
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that in my opinion will deliver consistent results in the acquisition of strength, health,
and muscle development . . . in the male/female, beginner/advanced, younger/older,
genetically gifted/genetically average trainee.
Stuart's perspective is unique, in that it is the most rational approach to general weight
training I've ever encountered. But then I've always sensed this uniqueness from the
days of 1989 when I first met issue #1 of HARDGAINER (a truly fine magazine). Then
BRAWN confirmed this uniqueness.
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is unique, too, in that it deals head-on with
EVERY aspect of physical training, even areas that other publications either lightly
touch, or avoid completely.
So, is BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT opinionated? Yes. Authoritative? Yes.
Knowledge packed? Very. Practical training based? Indeed, most emphatically. Stuart
McRobert is the genuine article, and his writings most sincerely reflect that fact.
Bob Whelan, MS, MS, CSCS, has over 35 years of training experience. And he has a
Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Health from George Mason University, and a
Masters Degree in Management from Troy University. "Maximum" Bob is a certified
strength and conditioning specialist. He has been making Washington, DC stronger since
1990, by running Whelan Strength Training, one of the most challenging and
comprehensive personal strength-training programs in the world. He formerly worked as
an exercise physiologist at NASA. He has trained athletes from the NFL, NBA, NCAA,
and Women's Professional Basketball. Here's Bob's review of BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE
I've strongly endorsed Stuart McRobert's previous books, but his latest -- BUILD
MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT -- is something EVEN MORE special. It's an
extraordinarily comprehensive manual on how to train. Its instruction and wisdom will
help absolutely everyone who trains -- male or female, young or not so young, novice or
highly experienced, commercial gym user or home trainee.
It promotes the same principles that I apply with GREAT success in my own strength-
training business. But few people have a good personal coach. The best alternative is a
book with expert, complete instruction.
At nearly 650 pages, with about 400 photographs, and drawing on his 30+ years of
experience, and written with great care and ability, Stuart has produced the ultimate
book on strength training and physique transformation.
He's invested a mammoth amount of work, and has left no stone unturned in his effort
to produce a truly complete book. No longer do you need to study multiple books on
training, and invest many years of trial-and-error experience, before you can become an
expert on training. Stuart has put it all into a single book. From just a couple of weeks
of study of it you can learn what used to take years of study and experience to acquire.
This truly fantastic book has my unequivocal, professional endorsement.
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Steve Baldwin has been strength training for 38 years. He was competitive in Olympic
lifting, and powerlifting. He has an MS degree in Fitness and Wellness, and certifications
from the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Strength and Conditioning
Association. He now works as a fitness trainer specializing in strength training. Here's
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT by Stuart McRobert rates five stars on a
one-to-five star scale. This 638-page, very well organized book is an incredible reference
for anyone interested in strength training.
The advice Stuart gives is very effective and practical, with an unparalleled emphasis on
exercise technique, and training safety. Of course, training safety is the bedrock of
progress in strength, physique, and fitness, which is why Stuart gives it special attention.
The in-depth exercise descriptions contained here are the best to be found anywhere.
Aside from the exercise technique instruction there are over 400 pages covering
absolutely everything else about and related to training. McRobert's attention to the
substance and detail of a twelve-month training program, which can be modified
according to each individual's experience, is extraordinary.
The novice reader can instantly access Stuart's 30-plus years of training wisdom, while
the veteran will be able to use this most comprehensive book as an ongoing resource.
If anyone interested in strength training had to select just one instructional book,
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT would be it. It is truly magnificent!
Cheryl Zovich, of New England, USA, has 25 years experience of strength training, and
bodybuilding. Here's Cheryl's review of BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT:
The fitness industry has been swamped with advice that is bloated with embellishment,
littered with lies, and peppered with hyperbole and catchy buzzwords. There is nothing
"new" about weight training, yet each year the market is flooded with a surplus of
fitness and exercise information. If supply is any indication of demand, many people are
still searching for the road to enlightenment.
Stuart McRobert's latest release -- BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT -- is not
just another how-to hoax; it is a chronological road map through the chaos of conflicting
opinions that surround the training process. Armed with a wealth of training
experience, and literary skill, Stuart has composed a valuable guide that skirts the glut
of nonsense, and puts the reader on the road to life-changing, lasting results.
Already a highly respected fitness author, McRobert has perfected the art of writing
instructional, weight-training books. His relentless pursuit of the truth, and willingness
to share his personal triumphs and tribulations, are the wellspring for his frank answers
to very complex questions. With a style that is both encouraging and straightforward,
Stuart expresses a sincere desire to help others succeed. Leaving the snake oil and
hogwash to others, he teaches readers of all levels of experience and development how
to design and follow a successful, stage-appropriate training blueprint. Stuart carefully
coaches his audience toward personal success by unlocking the mystery of existing, yet
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often confusing fitness protocols, then shows his readers how to set safe, realistic goals,
and how to use progressive, reliable methods to reach those goals.
This book contains thorough descriptions of proper exercise technique, dietary
prescriptions, tools for designing routines, tips for the prevention and treatment of
injury, appropriate cardio guidelines, and an abundance of useful suggestions for
anything fitness or weight-training related. The book also includes ample
photographs, which demonstrate the important subtleties regarding proper exercise
form. And there are descriptions of some exercises previously considered taboo by
Stuart. Supplementary material includes an expanded chapter on anatomy, what I
believe is the largest lexicon of lifting-related terminology ever complied in an
instructional book for public use, and frank discussion about the important issues of
shame and unrealistic physical expectations.
If you have come to expect McRobert's work to contain carefully written instruction and
honest insight, you will not be disappointed by this book! It does far more than lay the
groundwork for building the body you have always wanted. It is a progressive handbook
that walks readers through every stage of training with extraordinary precision and
detail. Do not miss this opportunity to take control of your health and fitness program.
Whether you are hoping to further your own knowledge, or to provide a responsible
guide for family or friends, this book is an inspirational, indispensable teaching tool that
will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to achieve the results you want.
Clarence Bass, a lawyer and bodybuilding champion, was a Muscle & Fitness columnist for
16 years (until 1996), and is the author of eight books. He has lifted weights for over 50
years, and practiced law in Albuquerque until 1994. Here's Clarence's review of BUILD
First and foremost, it may be the most complete book ever written on building the
body in a safe and healthy way. McRobert covers literally everything, thoroughly and
accurately. If you've ever wondered about something related to training, it's in
Stuart's new book.
Topics covered include: muscle-building jargon, anatomy, how to begin training, gym
etiquette, handling weighs safely between exercises, using small plates, rep range and
speed, variations on core exercises, an extremely detailed 12-month program
(discussed below) -- and much more. He explains proper performance of basic
exercises in great detail, warning against some movements that he considers
dangerous. He, of course, covers nutrition, health benefits, aging, recuperation, cardio,
fat loss, high intensity techniques, arm and ab training, injuries, and training for
women. (He even explores the sex appeal of big muscles.)
The Program which integrates the massive amount of information in the first 439 pages
into a 12-month training plan is COMPLETE! If you have never lifted a weight before
and don't know a gym from a gem, Stuart tells you absolutely everything you need to
know. What's more, he also provides counsel and guidance to help the advanced trainee
optimize his or her results. He shows both beginner and advanced how to train
productively and efficiently, with safely. It's a win-win program for everyone.
He tells readers what to do in no uncertain terms, but he also recognizes that people
are different. "There's no single, best interpretation of training intensity, volume, and
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frequency that's appropriate to all trainees," he writes. "Individual variations, goals,
preferences, lifestyle, age, health, ability to train hard and tolerate exercise-induced
discomfort, and other factors, influence training program design, especially when
beyond the beginner stage."
As Dick Winett writes in the April 2006 Master Trainer: "The Program combines
resistance training with cardiovascular training and other healthy practices including
sound nutrition and physical activity outside of the gym. It should enable people to gain
appreciable strength and muscle mass, increase cardiovascular fitness, and improve health
within their genetic capabilities, without spending many hours per week in the gym."
Stuart, of course, doesn't stop with The Program. He also includes a chapter called
"Beyond The Program." Here he lays out options for further advancement, including
variation in exercises, body part training frequency, rep range, exercise volume, cardio
training, where to train, and more.
I told you The Program was complete. McRobert offers up a cornucopia of sound advice
from which readers of all levels can pick and chose.
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT may not be the perfect bodybuilding book,
but it's pretty darn close.
Jim Mardis has been strength training for 30 years. For several years he was a high school
strength coach. Without drugs or great genetics, Jim is an example of what can be achieved
with correct training. At just over 200 pounds bodyweight he has bench pressed 380 pounds,
done 325 x 20 rock-bottom squats without a belt but with just a one-second pause at the
top of each rep, and 405 x 20 parallel-grip deadlifts, again without a belt. Here's Jim's
The first time I read anything by Stuart McRobert was in an IRONMAN magazine
back in 1990. That first article opened my eyes to sensible training. I read and re-
read it. Soon afterward I sent away for a free copy of HARDGAINER magazine. A
subscription to HARDGAINER was followed by the purchase of Stuart's first book,
BRAWN. These two publications, HARDGAINER and BRAWN, are the standards by
which I judge all magazines and books on weight training. Both are rare gems in a
crowded, substandard market.
I have just finished reading Stuart's latest book: BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK
GREAT. I had mixed expectations before reading it. I knew anything by Stuart would be
better than 95% of the books out there on the subject, but I had come away from his
follow-up to BRAWN -- BEYOND BRAWN -- a little disappointed, mainly due to
unreasonable expectations. But I still looked forward to the release of his latest book.
In BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT Stuart recaptures the charm of BRAWN,
and shares with the reader from an added 15 years of experience. Stuart is a gifted
writer, and his work applies both to beginners and veterans. For beginners he provides
a path, and for veterans he keeps you on the path (or puts you back on it).
He leaves no stone unturned in BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT. Every
subject associated with weight training is addressed: diet, stretching, warm-up work, cv
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training, injury prevention and treatment, overtraining, exercise selection and
technique, recuperation, training partners, gym safety, expectations, optimal times and
temperatures to train at, spotting, etc. The book is so detailed that there is even a
pictorial on how to load plates and move dumbbells.
The book revolves around "The Program." Stuart takes newbies from their
introduction to weights, through the first year of training, and then provides a
framework for them to make it a lifelong activity. And Stuart explains how "The
Program" should be modified for experienced trainees. I feel that no other book or
instruction would be needed for someone to succeed at weight training. And even with
his attention to detail, I at no time felt like Stuart was repeating any of his previous
writings. BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is crisp and original.
Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of Stuart's new book. It is a great read, and will be
money well spent.
Steve Wedan, communications expert and author of InterActing Power! has been actively
involved in exercise and bodybuilding since the 1960s. He began writing for several
magazines starting in 1986, and soon introduced his Total Reps system. Steve spent part of
his college years in close contact with Nautilus Industries and had access to three of its
leaders, including Arthur Jones, for years afterward. Steve was a high intensity training
advocate for a long time and was the first author to detail the Super Slow system in the
popular press. Since then, he's modified his views but still is a champion of abbreviated,
progressive training. As an artist, he has illustrated many issues of magazines and several
books, and he has a side business at Here's Steve's review of BUILD
The subtitle of Stuart McRobert's new book -- BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK
GREAT -- is "Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Body," and that's a very
apt description. I've been reading Stuart's writings since the early 1980s, during his days
as an IRON MAN author in the final years of the Peary Rader era. I always found
wisdom and good sense in Stuart's articles, and these qualities have found their fullest
expression in this new book.
The heart of the book is what Stuart calls "The Program." It's a graduated, 12-month
plan, a solid and complete bodybuilding program that's characterized by as much
immunity to injury as possible. Specific advice is detailed for the beginner and how "The
Program" should be modified for him or her at first. "The Program" in its fullest sense
is not a beginner's routine, though. It's a program many of us who are intermediate or
advanced and who have burned ourselves out over the years -- by pushing too hard,
with too much work -- could greatly benefit from.
All of "The Program" is adjustable in accordance with the trainee's specific abilities,
especially his recuperative powers. It's not a one-size-fits-all plan. Although the
guidelines are well laid-out, you are expected to become your own best trainer, fitting
the workload to your present abilities. Stuart doesn't leave you adrift in this area. He's
a thorough and insightful coach who shows you how to adapt.
Chapter 12 is huge, and is a totally revised version of his earlier exercise technique
book. If you want the details of how to perform more than 50 exercises, and get
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answers to your questions about anatomy, read and digest this chapter and Chapter 23.
I can't stress enough how important this part of the book is. Many trainees get only the
vaguest idea of proper exercise performance when they first get bitten by the iron bug,
and then revisit it ONLY after getting injured. They'd be much smarter to buy this book
and study the text and photo-illustrations as they follow "The Program"; then read and
re-read the relevant descriptions in Chapter 12 as part of their ongoing education.
Far too many people think they understand how to squat, for instance, but never grasp
the need for sufficient hamstring flexibility in preventing lower back trouble. Such a
trainee still won't get it even if a surgeon has to work on the herniated disk in the L5/S1
joint of his spine . . . the trainee just thinks the injury is bad luck. The smart bodybuilder
studies this information BEFORE he gets injured and plans according to it. With BUILD
MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT, he doesn't have to look any further. It's all there:
proper exercise form, where one needs to be flexible, what to do if muscles don't
respond to stretching, and so forth.
There is information on diet, and it's sound advice that deals with truths and myths
regarding what we feed ourselves. Stuart includes details on such subjects as the critical
differences between types of fats, protein requirements, and so on. He discusses
macronutrient balances and may shatter more than one cherished belief among readers.
He also tells you what supplements work and the many that are probably a waste of your
money. Other issues, including recuperative treatments, are discussed in detail.
Stuart describes BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT as four books in one, and
I'd have to agree. First is "The Program," including how to prepare for it and what to
do in your training years after going through the full 12-month program. Second is the
roughly 200 pages of detailed description and photographs of dozens of exercises. Third
is the supporting information I alluded to, including optimizing exercise selection, rep
speed, and so forth. And fourth is about some of the remarkable advances being made
in treating existing and new injuries, and how to prevent more of them.
I hope you read this big, inspiring book. Once you're done, put it on your bookshelf in a
place of ready access. This is a book -- a treasure, really -- you'll want to pull down and
read more than once.
Don Swingle is from Fredonia, New York, USA. He is 59 years old and began weight training,
bodybuilding and lifting at age 16. After about 30 years or more of not competing, he
returned to "raw" lifting about three years ago -- no drugs, and no assistance gear except
for a belt. He averages about six meets per year. Here's Don's review of BUILD MUSCLE,
This is the fifth of Stuart's books I've purchased. I would recommend all of them for the
information they contain, but BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is the most
comprehensive. I first discovered Stuart's books in January 2003, when I purchased one
from Joe Orengia, owner of Joe's Gym in Erie, PA, USA. Joe is also a powerlifter and
contest promoter. It was Joe who recommended Stuart's publications. If I were to
choose just one book to recommend to a beginner or even an experienced trainee, it
would be Stuart's latest. While I can't say enough about the importance of Stuart's
attention to detail, that's just one of the outstanding features that make this book a
standout publication.
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Even though I've been involved with training for over four decades, BUILD MUSCLE,
LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT still taught me a great deal. There's much in this book that
I've never read about in any magazine or other book. And it confirmed many things
that I've learned through hard experience.
It contains candid advice not found in other publications. Stuart isn't a shill for the food
supplement industry, and he offers a realistic approach toward the use of supplements.
The fantastically thorough lexicon in Chapter 24 is just wonderful. I doubt there's any
other single source of training and training-related terminology as complete as this one.
The book's unique, 12-month training program is terrific, providing each trainee with all
the points of graduation and individualization to keep progress happening relentlessly.
The exercise descriptions and precautions are extraordinarily thorough. Examples include
the danger of the thumbless grip during pressing movements, and the importance of
avoiding of certain behind-the-neck movements, including presses and lat pulldowns.
People with my degree of experience could at least double the speed of someone else's
training and physique progress. BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT does all of
that, and more, in a single book.
That there's so much helpful, practical information in one book is extraordinary.
Someone with little or no training experience can get this book, read it carefully over
a couple of weeks, and then virtually match me on training know-how even though I
have 43 years of experience. And the book is extremely well-written and presented,
and highly reader-friendly.
Chuck Miller lives in Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA, and has over 20 years of training
experience. He continues to train consistently and compete in powerlifting. Here's Chuck's
I'd be lying to you if I said Stuart's new book -- BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK
GREAT -- provided me with a life-changing experience or with information so contrary
to all that I had read before that I totally changed my approach to weight training and
fitness. You see, Stuart wrote a book 15 years ago that did that for me. It was called
BRAWN. At that time, and by chance, I had read an article Stuart wrote for one of the
newsstand muscle magazines. I was actually standing in the grocery store, flipping
through the magazine, when I stumbled across the article that caught my eye.
In this short piece, Stuart talked about sensible, practical, yet truly effective training
programs. The article was such a stark contrast to the rest of the magazine with its
routines consisting of as many as six isolation exercises for a single muscle group that it
compelled my attention. A typical muscle magazine routine for biceps -- the kind of
routine I had been following at the time -- may call for four sets each of preacher curls,
dumbbell curls, cable curls, and concentration curls all in the name of hitting every fiber
and head of the biceps. This was the drivel I read and blindly accepted, and yet here
was Stuart saying something radically different. Use of his approach meant that one
could actually pursue academics, a career, or some semblance of a social life without
being doomed forever to twig arms.
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At the end of this heresy was an address and brief mention of Stuart's book and
magazine. I think I actually defaced the muscle rag right there in the store by ripping
Stuart's one-page article out, folding it up, and putting it in my pocket. I hope the store
manager has found a way to forgive me! When BRAWN arrived, I devoured its contents
in a single evening and literally revamped my entire approach to training the next day.
Flash forward 15 years, and you find a mid-thirties professional who's still weight
training with youthful enthusiasm. I've added substantial muscle mass over the years,
and competed in many powerlifting meets.
With best lifts in the 220-class of a 550 squat, 375 bench, and 585 deadlift -- all without
support gear and while remaining drug-free -- I am proud of both my accomplishments
and the way I went about achieving them. In fact, the process -- doing things the right
way -- has been just as important to me as the end result.
So what can I say now about Stuart's latest, and most comprehensive, book? For me,
this book reinforces the message of sensible training; something you can't hear too
often given the constant bombardment of ads for new or secret methods and
supplements. Even at this stage I needed a reminder of this message, especially without
the bi-monthly dose that HARDGAINER used to provide. For you, however, this book
can be much more. This book can be your BRAWN. This book can be the master work
that changes your entire perspective.
And you'll have an advantage over me. With fifteen more years of experience to draw
from, Stuart wrote a much better book this time. While BRAWN introduced his ideas
and provided the shell for productive training, it was up to the reader to fill in the
blanks. BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT lays everything out in explicit detail,
right down to the exact exercises, sets, and reps in a multi-year plan. You'll even be
shown when to make subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the program to keep steady
progress coming right to the limits of your genetics and desire. The bulk of the
experimentation and guesswork I had to endure in my training journey will be removed
from yours, allowing you to focus solely on training hard and fulfilling your potential.
I hope you'll buy BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT and devour it as I did with
BRAWN. And I hope it has even half the effect on your life that BRAWN has had on mine.
Bill Piche started lifting in 1979. He competed in powerlifting from 1981 to 1993. In 1989,
he pulled a triple bodyweight deadlift of 600 pounds that ranked 49th in the nation in the
American Drug Free Powerlifting Association that year in the 198-pound class. Bill has
written numerous articles for various publications (HARDGAINER, Milo, Powerlifting USA,
Monster Muscle, Master Trainer). He contributed a chapter to the book Maximize Your
Training, and is the author of The KTA Program. He's also a Certified Captain of Crush.
Here's Bill's review of BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT:
This is the most complete, informative, and useful book I've ever read on bodybuilding,
strength training, and physique transformation. And I've read many training books.
Stuart McRobert started training in 1972. From 1981 he's been sharing his experiences
and knowledge, first through magazine articles, and then through his own magazine and
books. Stuart has definitely paid his dues and knows his stuff.
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The book has 640 pages (656 if you include the 16 of preliminaries), and nearly 400
photographs. The subtitle says it all: "Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your
Body." And "everything" isn't used loosely.
As an illustration of how thorough this book is, consider the squat. Most trainees are
taught to believe that the squat is a great exercise, but the squat is a great exercise
ONLY if it's done safely and effectively. That's why has Stuart devoted over 40 pages to
the squat and its variations, including over 40 photographs, to show you precisely how
to make at least one of the alternatives safe and effective for you.
While this book will help beginners and intermediates the most (men and women) it
also provides a great deal of valuable information for advanced bodybuilders, lifters and
fitness trainees. The book is also very easy to read due to Stuart's style.
Stuart's account of the recovery he made from serious injuries, without any surgery
or medication is a unique part of the book. To paraphrase his own words, it was as if
he was given a new spine, and new knees. He turned the clock back and regained
ranges of movement in his neck, back and knees that he hadn't had for over 15 years.
Old injuries were healed fast, after many years during which he believed that the
injuries were permanent.
Stuart explains the original problems and their causes, the corrective therapy, the
maintenance care, and the lessons for all of us to learn. This is worth the price of the
book in itself.
For its content, presentation, and value for money, this book has my unconditional
endorsement. It's the first book I'd recommend to anyone who's interested in training,
and physique transformation. Get yourself a copy. You won't regret it.
For further information on BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT,
LOOK GREAT, please visit