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Warning: Sound out your instructors!

From HARDGAINER issue #50 By Stuart McRobert When you read what bodybuilding instructors have to say, ask yourself who it’s geared for, and whether it’s applicable to you. And when you read of a particular bodybuilding program used with great success by a given individual, ask yourself if that bodybuilder is similar to you as […] READ MORE →

Bodybuilding mistakes, equipment, and the traits of success

From HARDGAINER issue #89 By Bob Whelan   Bodybuilding mistakes What’s the biggest, single bodybuilding-related mistake you’ve made? The first and most obvious mistake was overtraining, which I was guilty of for years. I still made progress because I was young, and my recuperative powers were strong, but I trained four or more times per week […] READ MORE →

Dumbbell workouts: a grassroots article

From HARDGAINER issue #89 By Paul R. Ethridge           Progression with dumbbell workouts can be difficult. Moving from, say, 70-pound dumbbells to 75-pound ones, means a total of 10 pounds, but due to the instability of the dumbbells it’s actually a greater increase than 10 pounds on the barbell bench press. For example, […] READ MORE →

Protein supplements and other topics

From HARDGAINER issue #57 By Rich Rydin and Dave Maurice   Protein supplements What about the different types of protein supplements, e.g., ion exchange whey protein? Is there really any value in these different types of protein relative to that found in milk, eggs, fish, etc., assuming that the individual can digest those foods normally? […] READ MORE →

Strength training and the older athlete, Part 1

From HARDGAINER issue #50 By Bill Starr I receive more inquiries from men in their thirties, forties and fifties than any other group. While their specific needs are somewhat different, their basic concerns are very much the same. Most want to know if they are still able to do certain exercises. Or if they can […] READ MORE →


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