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The current state of affairs


Bodybuilding: back double biceps.I wrote the first edition of the bodybuilding guide BRAWN about 20 years ago. Mainstream training instruction is no better now than it was back then. But I’m concerned only with the bodybuilding masses. As far as the elite goes, it’s a better world today — more competitions, more publicity, more money, more drugs, and more fame.


Bodybuilding deception, bull and hype

The need for the instruction given in BRAWN is even greater today than it was when the book was first published in 1991. The same bodybuilding deception, bull, dishonesty and hype that caused me so much grief in my youth are producing exactly the same in millions of other people.

I’m now wise to what’s going on, and can distinguish the drivel from the good, but most bodybuilders can’t. So they get misled in the exact same way that I did, and millions of others, too.

Right from 1989, when I started CS Publishing, I was on a mission to promote sensible drug-free training, and to let people know of the pivotal role of genetics and drugs in elite bodybuilding and lifting “success.”

The word “success” is often used incorrectly. To my mind, kidding the masses, making a fortune out of selling training misinformation, and leading people astray, is not “success” no matter how many millions of items of “product” are sold, how many millions of dollars of profit are earned, or how many tributes for business “excellence” are awarded.

Appropriate, practical and safe bodybuilding instruction for typical bodybuilders is what I’m into, and what should be the heart and soul of bodybuilding — mainstream and otherwise.

Photographs sell bodybuilding magazines and books, not articles and workout instruction. In most cases, the text is just the padding needed to provide the spaces for photographs. But for photographs to do the job of grabbing the masses who, to their cost, are into a publication’s appearance before its content, they need to be arresting. This inevitably leads to the publication of the most awesome physiques. And today’s most awesome physiques belong to the genetically gifted and drug-enhanced.

The drugs component is usually understated or, more commonly, ignored — primarily for reasons of not downgrading the physiques and reputations concerned, and to avoid law suits. The training methods used by the drug-fed genetic phenomena — which are often embellished with a hefty dose of fiction — are promoted without any caveats. Those training methods should be qualified by a note along these lines:

“But remember, these routines only work if you have phenomenal genetics or drug assistance, and preferably both, in spades. Sane and genetically typical people must train in a totally different way. We only provide this sort of over-the-top instruction for entertainment and to attract buyers. For goodness sakes don’t actually try to use the instruction yourself. What worked for Arnold and his ilk will not only not work for you, but will destroy your chances of achieving your potential. And not only that, but it will yield enormous frustration and exasperation from so much wasted time and effort being invested in achieving bodybuilding failure, along with accumulating injuries that could scar you for life.”


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