For hardgainers and other bodybuilders

Warning: Sound out your instructors!

From HARDGAINER issue #50 By Stuart McRobert When you read what bodybuilding instructors have to say, ask yourself who it’s geared for, and whether it’s

Two rubbish bodybuilding workouts

“Why aren’t my muscles growing?” many of you ask yourselves. To answer, I’ll outline two pseudo bodybuilding workouts that I observed recently, which are representative

Bodybuilding’s bottom line

No matter what training routine you adopt, equipment you use, food you eat, supplements you take, or how knowledgeable you are about the bodybuilding world

Neck Respect, by Jan Dellinger

Stuart’s note: Jan Dellinger has vast experience in the Iron Game. For example, he was the associate editor of York Barbell Company’s MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT magazine for