Issue #69




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
Stepping stones to success

Hercules—Bill Piche
Strength phenomenon Robert Sparkman and his abbreviated training

Don’t Over Abbreviate—Alan Daly
The need for adequate warm-up sets; other guidance

Ten Years Wiser—Stuart McRobert
“Productive training,” from issue #9, reviewed and updated

HARDGAINER Nutrition 117—Lyle McDonald
The wrap-up: summary of the series

How to Build a Big Deadlift—Gavin Laird

The Steel Tip—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Bicipital tendinitis, specificity for powerlifting, a note on equipment

Bob Whelan’s Q&A—Bob Whelan
How Bob evaluates a new client, singles, height and training, the primary exercises, negative-only exercise, bodytype and set-rep formats, training frequency

The Gourmet Lifter, Part 3—Adam Farrah
Series providing cooking skills and recipes that can make healthy eating much easier, from a reader who used to work as a professional chef

An Interview with Paul Young—Dave Maurice
At the time of the interview, Paul was the strength coach at Black Hills State University

From the Grassroots—Travis J. I. Corcoran
A tale of two trap bar deadlift programs

From the Grassroots—Matt Feely
Author’s success story

Arm Problems—Gregory Steiner, DC

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Seeing the light, faithful repetition, the need to abbreviate, the first priority, Arthur’s chains modified