Issue #65




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
Stand up and be counted!

Small Investment, Big Returns—Bill Piche
How to avoid injuries

An Interview with Dr. Ken E. Leistner—Dave Maurice

Arch Enemies of Physical Culture—Bob Whelan

Complete Training, Part 2—John R. Christy
Flexibility training, medicine-ball training

Questions and Answers—Rich Rydin and Dave Maurice
The right way to bulk up, strength without size, warm-ups, set-rep schemes and different body types, assistance exercises, tall trainees and squatting, nutrition

Home Gym Setup and Training—Casey J. Ramas

HARDGAINER Nutrition 113—Lyle McDonald
Questions and answers: CKD diet pros and cons, caloric intake and health, melatonin, testosterone boosters

Ten Years Wiser—Stuart McRobert
“Technique tips for the powerlifts, Part 1” from issue #5, reviewed and updated

From the Grassroots—Jim Allen
Effect of muscle mags on progress

From the Grassroots—Chris Wedge
Jack of all trades, or master on one?

Remembering Muscle Beach—Josh Buck

Overcoming Adversity—Dick Connor
Vince Vaught’s progress from catastrophic leg injury to squatting 200 pounds for 140 reps

Trigger Points, Part 4—Gregory Steiner, DC

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Step-ups, scoliosis and children, examples of training programs, upper-back development