Issue #64




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
Crank up your productivity

Twenty-Two Lessons—Dick Connor

A Quiet Superman—David Gentle
Chris James

HARDGAINER Nutrition 112—Lyle McDonald
Questions and answers: dairy allergy, how much milk is too much, food combining, caffeine and exercise performance, post-workout nutrition, high-protein low-carb diets, the 40-30-30 diet

Powerlifting 103—Bill Piche
The contest

Form and Workout Tweaks, Part 2—Ari Finander
Chin-up, pull-up, pulldown, row, crunch, side bend, curl, L-fly, calf raise, shrug, close-grip bench press, shoulder press, some general rules

Dedication and Doing—Bob Whelan
Training tools, action not words, brotherhood of iron, dedication and gym atmosphere

Questions and Answers—Rich Rydin and Dave Maurice
Press behind neck, weight-loss difficulties, Swiss ball, chin-up vs pullup, shrug variations, correcting strength asymmetry, high-rep squats and hormonal changes, exercise variety, strengthening tendons and ligaments

The Steel Tip—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Scapulae movements (continued), the reality of training

Want to Fulfill Your Exercise Objectives?—Chuck Miller
Set goals!

From the Grassroots—Edward K. Wietholder
Over the hump with the power of will

Ten Years Wiser—Stuart McRobert
“Training and the older person,” from issue #4, reviewed and updated

Squat Rot—Alan Daly
High-rep squats with a fixed weight—the healthy option

Trigger Points, Part 3—Gregory Steiner, DC

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Creatine, one-pound increments without using micro plates, home gym haven, how to make progress on chin-ups