Issue #44




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Editorial—Stuart McRobert
Stoking the training fires

Ultra-Abbreviated Strength Routines—Brooks D. Kubik
Sample training programs, eight instances when ultra-abbreviated training is the way to go

Day of Training and Eating in Washington, DC—Drew Israel
Visiting with Bob Whelan

Questions and Answers—Dave Maurice and Rich Rydin
Responses to different training intensities, squat depth, neck work, leg press, problems with dairy products, rep speed

Fit for Survival—Greg Newton
Training for survival and self-defense

Strength Training and the Over-35 Trainee—Christian N. Temple

From the Grassroots—Joe Begin
New twist on the wrist roller

The Steel Tip—Dr. Ken E. Leistner
Specificity, side bends and twists, ankle injuries, 50-rep sets, aneurysm, proper form

The “45” Bar: Don’t be Thick, Train Thick—Alan Daly
Value of a 45mm-thick bar

Metamorphosis—Pete Swanson
From 450 lbs to 185 lbs

Hands-On Training, Part 4—Mike Thompson
Building strength and thickness in the arms, Part A

Questions and Possible Answers—Stuart McRobert
Lessons to learn from advice given to one particular reader

Total Commitment Required—Bob Whelan
Author’s philosophy for training success

Letter from Chas—Charles A. Smith

Forum—edited by Stuart McRobert
Chris White on his training following his visit to Iron Island Gym (described in Forum of issue #42), basement training, overhead pressing, depth of squatting