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Two rubbish bodybuilding workouts

“Why aren’t my muscles growing?” many of you ask yourselves. To answer, I’ll outline two pseudo bodybuilding workouts that I observed recently, which are representative

Bodybuilding’s bottom line

No matter what training routine you adopt, equipment you use, food you eat, supplements you take, or how knowledgeable you are about the bodybuilding world

How to deadlift 400 pounds for 20 reps

The above photograph is of John B. Patterson training in the Australian outback, in 1986. Note the concrete weight plates. This photograph was published on

Five pivotal bodybuilding lessons

From 40 years experience, here are five of the key bodybuilding lessons I’ve learned: BODYBUILDING LESSON #1 For much of my youth, muscles were more

Muscle growth: your plan for success, Part 4

GETTING SUPERVISION A training partner—someone who trains with you—is likely to be your most practical option. Either alternate sets (especially if your training programs are

20 tips for terrific bodybuilding workouts

To improve your bodybuilding workouts, and your muscle-building progress, apply these 20 tips:   BEFORE THE WORKOUT 1. Find a reliable training partner who has