What people are saying

“I’m so picky when it comes to workout logs, but I absolutely love how this one is outlined. Just wish the pages were sweatproof. Thanks. You won’t ever stop making these, right? Cause once I get used to something, I like to keep it. Anyway this is fantastic. I really can’t say enough. This log is the log bar none. Nothing comes close.”
— Stephen Davis, Dixon, Missouri, USA

“For years I’d heard that keeping a training log is a good idea, but I never actually kept one. Then I bought one of yours, and what a difference it made to the results I got from my training!”
— B. Nelson, New York, USA

“Previously I’d used pieces of paper, and then an old notebook, for keeping my training records. Needless to say, your Mercedes of a logbook has been much more helpful than my makeshift logs.”
— Ian Holmes, London, England

“I’ve just bought my fourth of your logbooks — the previous three gave me a total of six years of service. They are perfect, very hard wearing, and have been invaluable for keeping me training effectively. And I also have a permanent record of my training to refer to when I come to design a new cycle.”
— J.E. Jones, Los Angeles, USA

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