Table of contents

Part One

  • How to make your training a success
  • The potential power of a training journal
  • A total exercise program
  • Six frameworks of productive training
  • Fine-tuning a training program
  • Fixed-day vs. variable-day training
  • More on training frequency
  • How to use the workout log sheets
  • Illustrative workout log sheets
  • Preparation for each set
  • The barometer of success
  • Nutrition log
  • Sleep log
  • Illustration of a nutrition, sleep, and body composition log
  • Call to arms!
  • Beyond a training journal


Part Two

  • Workout log sheets


Part Three

  • Nutrition, sleep and body composition log sheets
  • Progress-at-a-glance — poundages
  • Progress-at-a-glance — girths
The Muscle & Might Training Tracker