What people are saying

“THE INSIDER’S TELL-ALL HANDBOOK ON WEIGHT-TRAINING TECHNIQUE is crammed with useful information. All the exercises are nicely illustrated and explained in great detail. No matter how educated you might be in the various aspects of strength training, you will learn a tremendous amount of new information. Highly recommended.”
— Bill Starr
Former strength and conditioning coach at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

“I’m a chiropractor and acupuncturist with over 25 years of training experience. And I’ve provided many people with personal training. Stuart’s books are unique — authoritative, thorough, clear, and inspirational. And no one covers exercise technique with the care, precision and attention to safety that he does. Without any reservation, I recommend Stuart’s books to everyone who lifts weights.”
– Dr. Gregory Steiner, DC, MA, Allen, Texas, USA

“Guys at the large and very busy gym I train at consider me the most knowledgeable person there on exercise technique. I’m always being asked for advice. I’ve been training for 17 years and thought I really knew my stuff. I reluctantly bought Stuart McRobert’s INSIDER’S TELL-ALL HANDBOOK ON WEIGHT-TRAINING TECHNIQUE book thinking that I already knew all I ever needed to know. I was so wrong! I couldn’t put the book down for a week. I learned tons of technique information that I’d never seen in print anywhere else.”
James Edwards, Manchester, England

“A superb how-to-do-it training book. Totally free of hype and promotion of any of the potentially damaging exercise techniques that are so universal today.”
– John Christy
Total Fitness, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, USA

“McRobert packs volumes of well-written, useable and detailed info onto every page. An outstanding book.”
– Jan Dellinger, York Barbell Company, York, PA, USA

“As a guide for good form and proper strength-training technique, THE INSIDER’S TELL-ALL HANDBOOK ON WEIGHT-TRAINING TECHNIQUE is in a class of its own. This is the definitive injury-prevention tool!”
– Bob Whelan, M.S., M.S., C.S.C.S., Washington, DC, USA
President, Whelan Strength Training

“You didn’t just tell me what to do, you SHOWED me. The clear and extensive photos are invaluable.”
– A. Nicolaou, Nicosia, Cyprus

“I was forever reading how important it is for me to use good exercise form. Now I have a reference book that really spells it out for me.”
– Fred Kelly, Atlanta, GA, USA

“I’ve been lifting weights for most of my life now. I’m no novice. So I was blown away when I realized, after reading your book, how much I DIDN’T know about proper exercise form. I can’t recommend this book enough. A beginner can hole up with it, study it for a few weeks, and then become more expert on exercise form than almost all advanced guys, and match my knowledge even though I’ve been training for 20 years.”
– John Leschinski, Connell, WA, USA

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