Table of contents

Introduction to BEYOND BRAWN   8

How this book will help you   10

BEYOND BRAWN Section 1: Establishing a secure foundation

1. Setting the scene for building muscle and might   21

2. General philosophy for outstanding development   47

3. All-time #1 practical priorities   63

4. Expectations—how much muscle and might you can expect   75

5. How to plan your growth   99

6. Where to train, and the equipment you need   117


BEYOND BRAWN Section 2: How to train

7. How to set up your training cycles for big returns   139

8. How to achieve your fastest gains   167

9. Hard work—the biggest test of training character   171

10. Exercise selection and technique   189

11. How to perform your reps   223

12. How to design your own training programs   233

13. How to personalize your training programs   255

14. How to avoid the plague of overtraining   283

15. How to milk your training cycles dry of gains   297

16. Twenty-three extras for maximizing training productivity   305

Summary of how to ensure a successful training cycle   332

What if you’re an extreme hard gainer?   333


BEYOND BRAWN Section 3: Special issues

17. A real-life training cycle for you to learn from   337

18. How a training nightmare was silenced   355

19. How to never let your age hold back your training   391

20. Your how-to of practical bodybuilding nutrition   401

21. Additional important training information   443

22. Beyond the exterior   459

23. How to get a grip on your life, and put all that you’ve learned from this book into action, now!   465

Postscript: Did you deliver?   476

About the author   479

Index   487

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