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WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is primarily targeted at people who have a lot of fat to lose, and who aren’t yet into regular exercising, but it will work even better for those who are already exercising properly. While its guidance can readily get men under 15% body fat, this book isn’t targeted at bodybuilders who are already under 15% body fat and want to get ripped at under 8%. That’s another matter.


“WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is not about yet another horrible diet to be followed for a few weeks and then abandoned. This wonderful book is all about doable, sustainable changes that will enable you to lose weight and then maintain that weight-loss, and make your entire lifestyle healthful and enjoyable.”
— Richard A. Winett, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA

“Brad Cailor’s success story really inspired me. He has suffered the agony that many people go through with yo-yo dieting, but he eventually succeeded. I followed the guidance in WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION to the letter, and lost 42 pounds. For the first time in my life I can see my six-pack. And now, 10 months on, I still see my six-pack. The approach that Cailor and McRobert promote isn’t gimmicky, and they haven’t paid any celebrities to endorse it, but it really works.”
— P. Stone, Chicago, USA

“I’ve bought 17 weight-loss books, and I’ve lost weight from following the guidance in each of them, but I put the weight back on in every case except for the 17th book — WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION. The first 16 books are the “go on a diet” style, which meant that I eventually went off each diet and regained the weight I had lost. WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is different. This one taught me how to make changes that I could sustain so that I lost weight and then kept the weight off — all 75 pounds of it. Magic!”
— Jeff Todd, Manchester, England

“I spent over 15 years going on and off diets, and losing and then regaining weight, and in total I have lost around 400 pounds, but I could never keep the flab off. But after following the advice in WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION I lost 63 pounds of fat, and I have kept it off for 18 months and counting.”
— S. Jones, Dallas, USA

“With McRobert’s classic, no-nonsense manner of presenting information, this book delivers honest, practical and effective guidance. In the field of weight-loss — with all its lies, scams, gimmicks and paid-for endorsements — WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is a breath of fresh air.”
— Mike Evans, Denver, USA



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