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Scientifically-based health professionals recognize that current approaches to weight loss need to change. Extreme and often unpleasant diets do lead to some initial weight loss. But, almost inevitably, hunger and dissatisfaction with the entire process lead back to old habits and the regain of most, if not all, of the lost weight. This chain of events is frustrating and unhealthy. Further attempts to lose weight with the same extreme approaches just repeat the process and the same dismal outcomes.

Many health professionals have also realized that there must be a healthful way to lose weight effectively and permanently. With its careful blending of science and practice, WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION offers that way. This is a terrific approach for people who want to prevent additional weight-gain, for people who are overweight and need to lose some weight, and for people who are obese and need to lose a lot of weight.

There are no gimmicks, fad diets, or ridiculous exercise programs here. Rather, the key revolves around lifestyle and energy balance through developing a healthful, enjoyable, and sustainable eating pattern. This pattern can custom-fit each individual, and include the foods people prefer. Likewise, simple walking provides a base for physical activity and exercise. Walking and other exercise can be done in a way that’s enjoyable and satisfying so that it becomes part of a more active lifestyle.

Rather than rigorous and inflexible procedures, WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION provides many different strategies so that people can best shape a program that will fit into their lives. Numerous real-life examples of effective strategies, including those that helped one of the authors maintain a large weight-loss after years of turmoil and struggle, provide a rich base for people to develop their own effective programs.

But make no mistake about it, WEIGHT LOSS SALVATION is not about yet another horrible diet to be followed for a few weeks and then abandoned. This wonderful book is all about doable, sustainable changes that will enable you to lose weight and then maintain that weight loss, and make your entire lifestyle healthful and enjoyable.

– Richard A. Winett, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA


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