Bodybuilding Gold Mine




Mission statement          10

Introduction          11


Five critical preliminaries

“Diet” and “dieting” have bad connotations          15

This book is for men and women          17

America is fat . . . what’s the skinny?          18

Get a physical checkup before you begin          19

This book is thorough          19



An analysis of some of Brad’s real-life diets

1. The “magical” weight loss program           23

2. The wedding diet          27

3. The doctor’s-orders diets I and II          33

4. Eat, drink, and be merry!          39

5. Finally . . . success, after a hurdle or two          45



How to lose weight and keep it off, Section A

The psychological and physiological components

6. Food addiction—why and how some foods are designed to be addictive          57                    

7. The foundation of weight loss success for many people: How to solve the psychological issues that are often at the root of overeating          63

8. The other reasons why many people can’t lose weight readily . . . and how they can be corrected          109                                                        



How to lose weight and keep it off, Section B

The step-by-step, practical guidance

9. The fundamentals of weight loss          133

10. What’s your motivation for losing weight?          155

11. Weight loss scams          163

12. Where your calories should come from          179

13. How to eat for weight loss          191

14. Eating out          213

15. Know what you’re eating          223

16. Real-life recipes for tasty meals          231

17. Get moving          245

18. The truth about exercise           253

19. Walk on to weight loss          269

20. Advanced walking, and other matters, for increased weight loss, and for fitness          277

21. Home strength training, for increased weight loss and fitness          293

22. The 10-minute home stretching routine, for increased weight loss and fitness          313

23. Additional weight loss tips and tidbits          327

24. Drink up          343

25. Weight loss aids          353

26. How to succeed with weight loss when you have children          361

27. Excuses are no excuse          367

28. What Young Brad could have learned from New Brad to prevent decades of yo-yo dieting, and how this can help you          373

29. You’ve lost the weight . . . now what?          381

30. How real people ate to lose weight, and how real people eat to maintain their healthy weights          387                                                                                                          



The whole-scoop summary of what you must do for weight loss success          402

About the authors          469

Index          470


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