Stuart’s lockdown update

I’ve been in lockdown since March the 23rd. But because I’ve worked only from home offices since 1993, my life has changed little during the confinement except that I’m unable to train at a gym.

For the time being, I’m making do with home workouts. Although I no longer have a comprehensive home-gym—I sold it about 15 years ago—I kept a pair of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench. My workout now is one-legged squats, calf raises, table rows, push-ups, crunches, and some dumbbell work. I do that every fourth day. At the end of each session, I do some cardio: high-intensity interval step-ups using a nine-inch tall box.

Hard work on that routine has prevented muscle atrophy. Even without the dumbbell work, I think the workout would still prevent muscle atrophy.

My activity level has reduced a little during the lockdown, so I also reduced my caloric intake a little.

Gyms in Cyprus won’t open until June the 9th at the earliest, so I have at least another six weeks of home-only training.

Stay safe and keep training!