Personal coaching

If you want personal coaching online or by telephone, I’m here for you. You may access my knowledge directly and have it tailored to suit you.

“Stuart’s books and personal guidance have been invaluable. Without his advice, my recovery from a serious racquetball injury wouldn’t have happened. The advice I got from a consultation was especially helpful because it wasn’t available from any book, and was personalized for me.” – Al A., Manteca, California, USA

“One-to-one consultations with Stuart were essential for getting my training back on track after years of little progress. They were extremely effective, and covered all aspects of training, nutrition, and recovery. And they personalized instruction and information to make everything 100% tailored to me. I recommend these consultations to any serious trainee.” – Paul P., Leicester, England

“Stuart’s specific, detailed advice on how to customize strength training and cardio work to suit my lifestyle and goals was spot on target. It rejuvenated my training even after 38 years of working out.” – David S., Broken Hill, Australia

For more information, please contact me by email: [email protected]