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As a chiropractor with over 25 years of strength-training experience, I've studied
training extensively, and I've observed, trained, and treated thousands of trainees.
For everyone interested in improving their physiques, fitness, and well-being --
beginners, intermediates, and even advanced trainees -- there's no better book than
By handling topics that other books don't, and by comprehensively covering subjects
that other books deal with only scantily, or inaccurately, BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT,
LOOK GREAT is extraordinary -- a book of extensive know-how, insight, and wisdom.
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is authoritative, and crammed with
responsible, safe, and highly effective instruction for men and women. It has my
unreserved, professional endorsement.
Dr. Gregory Steiner, DC
A chiropractor in Dallas, Texas, USA
Utterly complete, a book for men and women who want to "be in shape," or to
compete at the highest level. All the required information is right here.
Kathy Leistner, BA, MA, MA
Exercise physiologist, past competitor at national and world powerlifting
championships, and a former Ms. California; from New York City, USA
This book is likely the most complete, comprehensive guide to safe, effective, and
healthy training. It surpasses McRobert's other books by representing his evolving and
more scientifically based ideas about effective training, put together in a very readable
and enjoyable package. In many respects, the book puts science into practice so that all
readers can move toward optimizing their training and abilities.
A brilliant book! Follow "The Program" developed by Stuart and you'll reach your
potential for strength, muscle mass, fitness, and health.
Richard Winett, Ph.D.
A professor at Virginia Tech in the USA, publisher of Master Trainer, and award-
winning health researcher
Use this unique book as your own expert personal trainer. It's packed with thorough,
wise advice. BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is for all trainees, both men and
women. Stuart shares his extensive experience in an easy-to-understand way. His
recommendations are thorough, practical, and easy to apply. This book provides all the
instructional tools you need in order to transform your body.
Rachael E. Picone, MS
Exercise physiologist, speaker, and author; from New Jersey, USA
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I want to thank you for writing a book that expresses all the safety features of lifting and
strength training that I preach to my patients. I will recommend your book to people
who exercise, and especially to those who repeatedly hurt themselves in the gym.
Dr. Michelle Clark, DC, Denver, CO, USA
I've just finished Stuart McRobert's book BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT. I
found it to be very comprehensive. While it's an outstanding book for men and women
who are starting training, it's also a terrific book for those who are already involved
with training for physique, fitness, and health. The book is so thorough and
authoritative that it could even serve as a textbook for a college class on strength
training and its benefits. The book is precisely what its subtitle states: "Everything you
need to know to transform your body." It's a great addition to my library!
Jim Bryan, Winter Haven, FL, USA.
Jim has been involved in strength training for 47 years. He has competed in Olympic
lifting, odd lifts, powerlifting, and bodybuilding; and he has run college strength training
programs. Jim has also served as a judge in Olympic lifting, and powerlifting.
I expected McRobert's new book to be good, but not this good! It's just packed with
detailed instruction on bodybuilding. But what many people consider to be minor details
are, in fact, not minor at all. Knowledge of the details saves a lot of trouble, injuries, and
wasted workouts, and can make the difference between success and failure.
I've read many bodybuilding and fitness books. They were written by famous current
bodybuilders, or famous former bodybuilders. But none of those books come even close
to Stuart's. His is full of training wisdom that can't be found in other books. That, and the
fact that Stuart pays so much attention to important details on training and everything
related to training, are what separate this book head and shoulders from the others.
For everyone interested in developing a better body, get a copy of BUILD MUSCLE,
LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT. Apply what it teaches and there will be little chance that
you'll make mistakes.
Each time I read one of Stuart's works I realize more and more that his are so different
from the traditional books on training. His are full of bodybuilding truth. And if there's a
bible in bodybuilding, it's Stuart's new book.
Renato Fiore, Denhaag, Holland
Stuart's latest book is his most comprehensive, information-dense resource yet. The
basics, best, and `breviated approach that Stuart is known for has evolved in the light of
the latest research in exercise and nutritional science, and his own experiences
(including his almost miraculous recovery from chronic back and knee injuries). The
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specific chapters on injury prevention, cardio training, how to lose bodyfat, anatomy,
and a super-detailed lexicon, particularly stand out because of their uniqueness relative
to other books on exercise. AND his entire exercise technique book has been
thoroughly revised, expanded, and included within this single new resource!
Don't let the simple title fool you. BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is the
true encyclopedia on training and body transformation. I highly recommend it as
Stuart's best and most ambitious work to date.
Alvin Chu, New York City, USA.
Al has been strength training naturally for over 25 years. As a certified fitness trainer
he has worked with countless trainees in several major gyms and health clubs
throughout NYC.
In almost 20 years of weight training, I have read my share of books on exercise and
fitness, including the ones I had to read in college while pursuing a degree in Exercise
Science. BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is the most complete, thorough,
and truthful book on every topic you need to be informed about in order to be
successful with your exercise program.
Whether you are a man or woman, beginner or advanced, BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT,
LOOK GREAT is the book you need to be reading. Stuart gives you detailed information
on how to train and, most importantly, how to enjoy it for years to come. With the
hype, propaganda and downright lies at an all time high in the health and fitness world
today, BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is the place to go for honest, straight-
forward information on training, nutrition, and everything in between.
If you have spent too much time not getting the results you want, follow the methods
given in BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT. You just might be surprised at what
you can accomplish.
Patrick Self, Trussville, Alabama, USA
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my copy of BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK
GREAT. I'm always impressed with the standard of service from CS Publishing.
Your new book is beautifully presented, and as packed with honest, real, complete, and
useful advice as you claim. Your writings are, however, more than technical prescriptions
of a training philosophy. For me they have instilled a CONFIDENCE in rational training,
which has yielded excellent results -- a far cry from the mainstream nonsense that
ruined my younger years. (I am now 48.)
You are a true physical culturist, and your writings are based on experience, honesty,
and integrity. Everyone who purchases your book will be guaranteed to be on the path
to the body they want. They will also get the benefit of improved health and flexibility,
rehabilitation of any existing injuries, and prevention of further injuries.
Stephen Chapman, Viewbank, Victoria, Australia
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With authority, every area of training is covered in this magnum opus. Over 600 pages
of information detail everything you need to know about losing bodyfat and building
muscle, as well as living a longer, healthier life. This is not a book of theory, though. It
meticulously covers every practical detail.
No other book has covered training with the same care, detail, and thoroughness. And
the presentation of the book is excellent, laid out in three broad sections, and 24
chapters. As an example of the book's thoroughness, consider Chapter 24 -- the
superlative 65-page glossary. It explains, in detail in many cases, every piece of
exercise-related jargon you're likely to ever come across, which will increase your
understanding of how to train for the best results.
This book is different to Stuart's other publications -- it's much deeper, and it has a
more holistic view. While it provides everything that diehard bodybuilders and strength
trainees crave, it has wider appeal, too. It's also accessible to those whose primary aims
are, for example, to lose some bodyfat, or increase their cardiovascular fitness.
This may be the only training book you'll ever need -- brilliant content, in brilliant
packaging. It truly is a masterpiece.
Dr. Jonathan Smith, Durham, England
This is arguably the best book of its kind. It is rational, enlightened, intelligent and,
above all, sober and realistic. McRobert shows how steady progress in health and
strength can be achieved on a lifetime basis.
By following his teachings, chronic and debilitating training injuries can be avoided. A
metaphor which describes this book is that of an iceberg; lying beneath the over six
hundred pages of the book are many years of thoughtful observation and experimentation.
This book is a treasure; everything that is important about physical training is
thoroughly dealt with.
A.M. Spector, PhD, Sunderland, England
After years of wasted efforts on Arnold-style workouts, my life was saved by Stuart with
his legendary BRAWN, and now he's back with another great book: BUILD MUSCLE,
In this new work Stuart takes you on a journey, starting from the novice stage right
until the expert one, through his complete and revised experience of real-life, no-bull,
common-sense training.
He explains his training philosophy that encompasses not only the building of strength
and muscle, but also a healthy lifestyle.
The method is centered on The Program, total training package that comprises
calisthenics, stretching, weight training, and cardio work. Stuart takes you step-by-step
through the entire 12 months of training.
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He doesn't neglect any aspect of gym-related activities. even if you're a woman. or if
you're dealing with injuries. There's a very interesting chapter on the almost miraculous
healing of Stuart injuries. And if you need to lose weight you'll find lots of practical and
effective hints. The nutrition and recovery chapter illustrates some useful supplements
that I have had success with, for example for helping with my aching elbows.
Stuart goes further in his new book on many topics than other books do, and puts
everything together in a cohesive, complete whole. In a nutshell, this book is a must-
read for everyone interested in a strong, healthy lifestyle, and it deserve a well earned
place in every serious strength library.
Bruno Govoni, Pontenure, Italy
First off, let me say emphatically, GREAT BOOK! It is obvious that Stuart put a lot of
time and energy into writing a book that will answer every question a serious trainee
could have about how to gain muscle and look great. He covers issues that most books
don't dare to touch, like the personal side of lifting weights in the chapter, "Burning
Issues." The book is so well edited he is able to pack a lot of information in a reasonable
space. I was especially impressed with the section on exercise technique. Stuart is
known for his uncompromising stance on progressive poundages in good form, and
these very detailed descriptions of lifting technique, along with many pictures,
strengthen that message tremendously.
While I'm not a novice lifter, I have yet to truly maximize my bodybuilding potential.
With this book, though, I'm sure I'll be successful in reaching my goals. Congratulations
Stuart, and thanks for a brilliant book!
Leonard McMahon, Walnut Creek, USA
No matter what your current level of training experience, by following the 12-month
Program detailed in this book you'll quickly realize that the RACE Method of Training
(Responsible, Abbreviated, Conservative, and Effective) is the real solution to making
great gains in muscular size and strength.
The Program covers all the information you require to build a great body in the
shortest possible time, and is a safe, drug free approach suitable for both men and
women. The Program is fully supported by many other important sections in the book,
such as how to master exercise technique, which includes over 200 detailed, fully
illustrated pages on safe and responsible lifting.
As someone who has suffered the frustration and disappointment that comes with
injury, I cannot stress how important this book is if you wish to continue your training
over the long-term, and remain injury free. In Chapter 6, Stuart has described the best
approach for overcoming old and new injuries. I've acted on it myself, in London,
England, and the treatment has been the most effective I've ever used.
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This book is superb and could change your life. I only wish that I could start out all over
again with the information in this great book. I urge you to buy your copy today!
Simon Owen, London, England
I've been training since I was 14, which is a good 16 years now. After coming across
strategies that work by reading Stuart's HARDGAINER magazine, my training has
successfully evolved into what it is today. Now, after purchasing BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE
FAT, LOOK GREAT, I can honestly say that it is a tremendously comprehensive piece of
training literature for anyone interested in serious, long-term training.
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT covers everything, including training
philosophy, training programs, injury prevention and treatment, and has a fabulous
section on the safe technique of over 50 result-producing exercises. The book is a
combination of new information and an accumulation of many of the pieces in the training
jigsaw puzzle that I've accumulated through reading Stuart's material over many years.
For the price of the book, the purchaser is getting a fantastic bargain!
Nick Tangi, Aylesbury, England
Many thanks for your new book. It's of the usual high standard of the books you write. I
only wish there had been such a book about when I started training back in 1959.
Like yourself and many others, I made every mistake in the book -- overtraining, not
enough rest, etc. But like you I had the sense to avoid drugs. And that's why I'm still
training and as keen as ever.
Bill Batchelor, Brigg, England
BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is an excellent book, full of essential
information hard to find elsewhere. I have read many books on bodybuilding and weight
training, and have found none that come close to the ones written by Stuart McRobert.
In his latest book, Stuart puts it all together, making it (in my view) his best book so far.
I would highly recommend BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT to anyone
interested in bodybuilding, weight training, fitness, fat loss, and long-term health.
Ariele Rodino, Hassocks, near Brighton, England
I've looked everywhere for a book to recommend to all of my clients. BUILD MUSCLE,
LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT is the book I've been seeking. I've relied on exercise guidance
from Stuart McRobert's previous books for my personal fitness training and education.
What's exceptional about his latest book is that it's appropriate for people who are
already experienced in training and also for those who don't know a power rack from a
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jungle gym. Furthermore, unlike most books on exercise, this book does a superb job
of teaching younger people how to transform their bodies while also providing
excellent information about training and physical transformation for those who are
older and more health-oriented.
Everyone who already trains, and everyone who wants to start working out, will find
this book of tremendous value. It's an honest, comprehensive encyclopedia of reliable,
no-hype fitness information. The only requirement is to be serious about getting in
great shape, and then staying in great shape.
Elaine Mansfield
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and nutrition counselor, Ithaca, NY, USA
For further information on BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT,
LOOK GREAT, please visit