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“HARDGAINER is the greatest physical culture magazine in history.”

— Bob Whelan
Whelan Strength Training
Washington, DC (for 22 years), and now at Fort Pierce, Florida, USA


“Super magazine! One of the few training magazines that provides honest information for the average non-drug-using trainee.”

— Bill Starr
Former strength and conditioning coach at Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA


“The unique factor that differentiates HARDGAINER magazine, BRAWN, and Stuart’s other publications from the heap of usual photo-crammed, airbrushed, bottled-tan, supplement-catalogue magazines on the retail rack is FOCUS. I mean the deliberate, tight focus on a particular target population; specifically, the non-pharmaceutically-enhanced, genetically-average trainee desiring no less than the maximum realization of his or her inherent potential in muscular development, strength, health, and cardiorespiratory fitness. That’s it — a simple and straightforward mission statement, although prior to HARDGAINER, one that I personally had never encountered in 40 years of reading. With HG, QUALITY is the guide word. Small in format, you say? Remove the advertisements, “photo shoots,” and pseudoscientific “research” from the bloated muscle magazines, and the usable information for the quintessential hard gainer would be a good deal less than he or she would find in HARDGAINER. HARDGAINER, unlike the other muscle mags, does not pretend to be all things to all people. But it is the linchpin, the keystone, the illuminated path, for drug-free, genetically-average trainees desiring the fulfillment of their physical potential while simultaneously enjoying a relatively balanced, rich and satisfying lifestyle.”

— Rich Abbott, Santa Paula, CA, USA
500-pound deadlifter at 65 years old and 164-pounds bodyweight


“HARDGAINER provides serious training information for drug-free trainees — no sugar coating, just honest information.

— Ted Lambrinides, Ph.D.
Former editor, HARD TRAINING newsletter, Cincinnati, OH, USA


“I have been a voracious reader of strength and bodybuilding publications over the last 25 years.  I had at one time subscribed to seven different publications (and read far more). And out of all of them, HARDGAINER was my favorite.  In it I’d find the most sensible training advice mixed with some very inspirational stuff. Reading about other trainees making success without drugs on abbreviated, yet intense, training just constantly fired me up. I couldn’t get enough of it. The issues came every two months and I couldn’t wait to rip open the packaging to start reading when they came in. Recently I wanted to read them all again. I had lost a bunch of issues and had others damaged due to water damage in my basement. I was ecstatic to find that Stuart McRobert still had nearly mint issues of all of them. I ordered around 70 HG magazines just the other day. They came shipped expertly and I received them quickly (considering that they had to come air mail). And re-reading (or reading for the first time, in some cases) the magazines brought back great memories and has me anxious for my next workout. Anyone, and I mean anyone, would benefit from reading HG.”

— Craig K of Pittsburgh, PA, USA


“HARDGAINER magazine is a marvelous resource for the average trainee not interested in using drugs or wasting years following unproductive programs. A practical, sensible methodology for gaining strength and muscle mass is detailed in this publication. The techniques presented here serve to help the trainee reduce the risk of injuries, maintain constant progress, and set sensible and achievable goals. This information will work for young trainees and the older trainee such as me. The active ingredient in most food supplements and over-promising programs is hype. You will not find hype in HARDGAINER magazine. Most weight-training programs that are offered by the latest internet gurus, often at great expense to users, appear to be repackaging of the knowledge found in HARDGAINER magazine. This publication contains effective material proven by decades of reader results.”

— Shawn Bjerke, Fargo, ND, USA


“I first became aware of HARDGAINER magazine after reading Stuart’s BEYOND BRAWN book. I sent for a free trial copy, and after reading it cover to cover numerous times I decided to take out a subscription. What is it that I find so interesting about the magazine? Firstly, the advice in HG is honest. There are no outlandish claims about gaining “20 pounds of muscle in a month” or “get a six-pack fast” like in the mainstream magazines. The articles and advice in HG are aimed at the genetically-average, drug-free person, and come from some of the most knowledgeable coaches and strength-training devotees in the business. Let me be blunt here. You get bull-free advice that works, from guys who know what it takes for a hard gainer to reach his/her potential. You simply don’t get this elsewhere. Secondly, there’s no hidden agenda. The magazine is ad free (with the exception of the classified ads section). It’s refreshing to read a magazine that’s filled cover to cover with interesting and informative articles, rather than ads disguised as articles trying to sell the latest “wonder supplements.” Finally, I like the fact that Stuart encourages the readers to submit an article. Everybody has a story to tell, a piece of advice, or encouraging words that can spur others on. You have a forum to share your stories with other like-minded people. I can’t make you subscribe to HARDGAINER, but I do suggest that you take the opportunity to get hold of a sample copy and check it out. If you’re truly committed to reaching your potential drug-free, then I feel that the magazine offers far more than anything you can find in your newsagents.”

— Ian Gardiner, Isle of Wight, England


“HARDGAINER is a unique magazine written by and for drug-free trainees. Any drug-free trainee who has ever tried to follow one of the elite bodybuilders’ training programs will know that not only is it exhausting, you receive no gains despite all that hard work! HARDGAINER is written for strength trainees of average genetic make-up who want to gain strength and muscle without the use of drugs. Since following the advice published in the magazine I’ve seen huge changes in my physique and have developed a program to suit my own ability to recover. Not only am I happier and more confident with my program, I can actual see it working! The magazine is a delight to read. The articles within will tell you the truth (even if it hurts!) and exactly what you can expect realistically from your training. The routines and information are genuine and haven’t been corrupted by supplement companies trying to endorse their products. The articles are packed with information and cover a wide range of topics from nutrition, exercise technique, training routines and injury prevention; and they keep you motivated month after month to train hard. I thoroughly recommend this magazine.”

— Rob Outram, Oxford, England


“I’ve been training with weights since I was 19 years old. I’m now approaching my 39th birthday and I’m still training. Not only am I still training, but I’m bigger and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and “almost” injury free. I’m convinced that if I’d not have found HARDGAINER and Stuart’s books, I would not be training today. I was plagued with injuries based on the incredible misinformation that I found in the mainstream. Several years ago I stumbled across an ad for a free issue of HARDGAINER. When I received the magazine I couldn’t believe or understand the information. It took me almost a year to cut my training back from four times a week to three. I was that brainwashed by the mainstream. Training too much is like an addiction. It was another year before I went to weight training twice a week. I kept cutting back and I kept gaining. The HARDGAINER formula was working, and I couldn’t believe it. The aches and pains were almost completely gone. And I actually had energy to do other things in my life. My life is now not controlled by bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is now a hobby that enhances my life, not controls it. I want to look like I spend a lot of time in the gym without actually doing that. HARDGAINER has the right answers, though you may not want to hear them. I personally would love to have a one-on-one conversation with the big-name trainers about all the bodies they have actually harmed.”

— Glenn Nielsen, Austin, TX, USA


“I guess I look at everything I’ve read and re-read in HARDGAINER, as gospel. I’m in the military, and everywhere I go, exercising is a big deal. I hear all the time how, in order to “get big,” or “get hard,” you have to take all kinds of supplements and train every day. It’s all just a scam for supplement companies to make as much money as they can. Many of the supplements they talk about are hot for a while, and then disappear. I’m just a regular guy. Everything I’ve read in CS Publishing’s books is followed up and proven in the magazines. I don’t want a magazine that has nothing but ads about the products that support the magazine itself. I don’t want a magazine that tells me that I need to not only purchase the magazine itself but also hundreds of dollars of supplements to go with it. I need a magazine that is to the point, tells it like it is, and is free of crap — HARDGAINER.”

— Ken Holt, Ft. Bragg, NC, USA


“When I started working out with weights in my youth, I was looking for training information. The only way for to get it was to buy muscle mags. After a while I knew every exercise that was performed by the current stars of the muscle scene. I knew every supplement available because the mags were full of advertisements. Along with that knowledge came despair, because with my minimal equipment in my home gym I could only perform some basic lifts, and I was not able to perform the machine exercises that were done by the muscle stars. I couldn’t afford supplements, because I wasn’t earning any money at the time. I worked out trying to mimic the workouts of the stars, with only minimal results. I didn’t think I could grow without machine exercises and without any supplements, so I quit. Some years later, when I had monthly income, I could afford to work out in a gym and I could buy the supplements that were needed (I thought). But again, no big gains. Instead of that, I spent much time on working out and buying supplements. On top of that, I got a serious shoulder injury, from which I suffer until today. (I was performing dips in a manner that I was told from a muscle star.) One day I read an article by Stuart McRobert, and what he said sounded very good, logical, and was totally different from everything I’d ever read concerning working out with weights. I ordered my first issue of HARDGAINER and I discovered the real world. Here were all the answers I was looking for. The information in HARDGAINER is from guys who have often decades of experience — guys who work as trainers, doctors and gym owners. The information is practical and useful. There are no advertisements for useless products. Every issue is packed full of practical information on exercises, program design, food, injury prevention and all the other important factors for a successful training life. Today I know why I damaged my shoulder, and why I wasn`t gaining in the past. Today I know that I wasted my best years, during my youth, and a lot of time and money. If I had the information back then that HARDGAINER gives, I would have saved all that waste. Today, 30 kilos [65 pounds] heavier and much stronger, I’m working out at home again, with just the basic equipment, with just the basic exercises, and I’m feeling fine.”

— Robin Dirksmeier, Geseke, Germany


“I’ve tried many weight training programs over the years, trying to get the muscular physique I’ve always wanted. Very few people were as dedicated to the cause as I was. For example, following what the mainstream called a “for sure” program, I trained six days a week for about 1-1/2 hours each workout. That’s nine hours per week! I took the supplements recommended as well. I was excited because I couldn’t go wrong this time. I was destined for some serious muscle! I followed this program as if it was my religion — for about six months. What were the results? After the program, my bodyweight increased by a full zero pounds. Totally nothing! Do you know how disappointing it was to have put so much time and energy into something that was supposedly guaranteed to work, only to see no fulfilment of what was promised? Perhaps you do. Perhaps you were given promises as well that were never fulfiled. Well, today I’m 25 pounds heavier, most of it muscle. I even had to get a new wardrobe. What contributed to that growth? It all started when I sent away for a free issue of HARDGAINER. It was then that I learned the real reason why I couldn’t gain on any of my past programs. I followed one of the programs in HARDGAINER which took a fraction of the time the other ones did — less than two hours per WEEK. The program seemed ludicrous at first. Today, by following the basic principles I’ve learned, I’m still making progress. HARDGAINER will teach you what really works, and how to apply it in your workout. I look forward to every issue, knowing that it will add to my knowledge, resulting in building some more muscle. I’ve actually saved money since HARDGAINER taught me that most supplements are not necessary, and a waste of money. If you’re serious about putting on muscle, don’t waste years of valuable time finding this out the hard way. HARDGAINER is the only magazine that will put you in touch with what really works! I’m living proof of that!”

— Sam Nothman, Milford, MI, USA


“I first sent away for McRobert’s book BRAWN about seven or eight years ago, and I was right away taken by his honesty. It was not long after, that I sent away for HARDGAINER mag to see if it was anything like the book McRobert had written. The mag has not been a disappointment because the writers in the mag all give the same honest, straightforward advice. HARDGAINER doesn’t try to sell me any supplements. I found articles that had routines which even a home trainee in a small apartment or room can use. I liked the fact that in HARDGAINER the writers know it’s not necessary to train in the gym for hours on end.”

— Jim Ryan, Brockville, ON, Canada



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