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Training frequency, bent-over laterals, and cable vs. dumbbell laterals

You recommend just two or three workouts per week, but all the big-name bodybuilders train more often than that. Why? Because the training frequency that works well for the big names doesn’t work well for typical bodybuilders. Due to their genetics, and drug support, not only do the pros have a much greater potential for […] READ MORE →

Overhead press; and benefits from exercise

“What’s the best form of the overhead press?” The one that’s easiest for you to perform safely, intensively, and with an incrementally ever-greater poundage. Merely avoiding injury isn’t enough. To build muscle, there must be sufficient training intensity to stimulate growth (but without excessive training volume), sufficient satisfaction of the components of recuperation, and sufficient […] READ MORE →

Smith machine incline press; flexibility work

“The Smith machine seems to be a safer way of performing the incline press than the regular way. But is this really so?” If the incline press with free weights is done properly—with correct technique—then that form of the exercise is safer than the Smith machine version. But if you use incorrect technique in the […] READ MORE →

Biceps training, abs, and nuts

BICEPS TRAINING “There seem to be more exercises for the biceps than the back. Why?” For such a small muscle, the biceps ranks high in importance for many bodybuilders. When bodybuilders “make a muscle” it often involves the biceps. And, in some circles, there seems to have been much more interest in devising exercises for the biceps than […] READ MORE →

“To build big muscles, how hard and heavy must I train?”

Big muscles: how hard to train? Muscle growth is the goal, not high intensity training per se. But you must train hard enough in order to stimulate muscle growth and build strength. While most hardgainers train too much, hardly any train too hard. Most need to crank up their training intensity, especially on the compound […] READ MORE →

“I can’t build muscle. Why not?”

“I can’t build muscle no matter what I do. Am I a zero-gainer?” I’ve counseled many bodybuilders who told me that they couldn’t build muscle no matter what they did. But when I discovered precisely what they had been doing, the conclusion was always the same. In almost all instances, bodybuilders who have great difficulty building […] READ MORE →

Bodybuilding and smoking

Questions and answers on bodybuilding and smoking, height and bodybuilding, the barbell row, and the one-legged leg curl.. BODYBUILDING AND SMOKING Do any of the pro bodybuilders smoke? The two best physiques at the gym where I train both smoke. They work out together, and even take a fag break during each workout! Isn’t smoking harmful […] READ MORE →


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