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How to get six pack abs

Questions and answers on six pack abs, hamstrings, and cardio. SIX PACK ABS I’ve been bodybuilding for many years, doing crunches at two workouts every week, but still my abs don’t look great. I want ripped six pack abs. What am I doing wrong? If you’ve been doing crunches correctly, and have built up to […] READ MORE →

Muscle mass monsters

Questions and answers on muscle mass monsters, the cable curl, and lat development. MUSCLE MASS MONSTERS I’ve been a fan of bodybuilding for many years. But over recent years it seems like bodybuilding has become more of a freak show than a display of aesthetically developed muscle. I shudder to think of the damage today’s […] READ MORE →

Upright row, brother bodybuilders, forward raise, best food preparation tip, reverse-grip bent-over row, and seated dumbbell press

  UPRIGHT ROW What’s the best width of grip for the upright row—on the smooth part of the bar, or on the knurling? Some perform the upright row with their hands almost touching, while others perform it with more like a shoulder-width grip. Whether or not that difference ties in with the areas of knurling […] READ MORE →

Incline chest machine, starving and binging, spotting the squat, and shedding body fat

INCLINE CHEST MACHINE My gym has just got an incline chest machine, with independent arms akin to a pair of dumbbells. I normally use a pair of dumbbells on an incline bench. Which is the best of the two? Depends on the chest machine, and on how you perform these variations of this exercise. A […] READ MORE →

Dumbbell curls, leg extension, elbow problem, napping, nuts and peanuts for bodybuilders

Dumbbell curls Should I do dumbbell curls alternately, or simultaneously? Provided that you treat both variations the same, they are comparable, and neither will do anything for you that the other can’t. Many bodybuilders give attention to trivial issues like this one, but insufficient (or zero) attention to the really important training issues. If you’re […] READ MORE →

Cable crossover, water and bodybuilding, parallel bar dip, and fast food for bodybuilders

 Seated cable crossover The guy with the best physique where I train told me that his favorite pec exercise is the seated cable crossover. I’ve seen him do it, and it’s mind boggling to watch. His pecs are something else. He also bench presses 415 pounds for sets of five reps, which is even more […] READ MORE →

Training volume vs intensity; what matters is what works; the connection between ethnicity and bodybuilding talent; and phytochemicals.

I want to offset some reduction in training intensity by increasing training volume. Won’t that work? Perhaps, depending on how much offsetting you do, and in what context relative to your overall training. I want to offset some reduction in training intensity by increasing training volume. Won’t that work? Perhaps, depending on how much offsetting you do, and in what context relative to your overall training. The most gifted bodybuilders, especially when drug-assisted, apply volume training throughout their physiques, and prosper greatly on it. But this approach doesn't work for.. READ MORE →

How to avoid problems from triceps extensions, preacher curls, and restaurants.

"I’ve been doing a lot of barbell and ez-bar triceps extensions—overhead, and lying—and my wrists and elbows are really bothering me. I’ve been using wrist and elbow supports, but still my joints hurt. And my triceps haven’t even grown any despite all my efforts and discomfort. What am I doing wrong?" ... READ MORE →

Squat problems, and the forward raise

  “What are the most common mistakes concerning the barbell squat?” When done properly, the barbell squat is one of the all-time greatest bodybuilding exercises. But the key phrase is “When done properly.” Many bodybuilders shirk the barbell squat, so the first most common mistake is not squatting at all. (But if your physical configuration […] READ MORE →

Rows, incline bench press, and biceps fixation

If you haven’t already found out about our new publication, BODYBUILDING GOLD MINE, please click here.   I know you don’t like freestyle barbell rows. Which rows do you like? Those that don’t expose the lower back to injury. Of course, with terrible form, even a row on a machine that provides chest support will […] READ MORE →

Leg presses, one-arm dumbbell press, shrugs.

What’s the best type of leg press machine? The squat and the parallel-grip deadlift are my primary recommendations for the thigh-glute structure, and provide substantial benefits elsewhere. (The conventional deadlift is another truly great exercise when done properly, and one that I strongly recommend, but it involves less knee flexion than the aforementioned two exercises.) […] READ MORE →

Leg extensions, pulldowns, & parallel bar dips

Will leg extensions define my quads? Only losing fat from around your thighs will define your quads. And that’s done primarily through dietary measures. You could do countless leg extensions, but without the right dietary measures you’ll never have defined thighs. On the other hand, you could define your thighs without ever doing a single […] READ MORE →


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