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Muscle growth: your plan for success, Part 3

B. Daily Units of Training and Living Building big muscles, and then bigger muscles still, depends on an organized plan of action—broken down into daily units—coupled with a great will to achieve. Achievement in any sphere of life depends on getting the individual moments right, at least most of the time. By getting today right, […] READ MORE →

Muscle growth: your plan for success, Part 2

A. Strategies for the Long-Term . . . continued   TACTIC #3 Video tape your physique Having yourself on photographic prints or slides is one thing. To see yourself strutting your stuff on video is another. Once you’ve done a couple or more photographic sessions as in Tactic #2, upgrade the seriousness to video taping […] READ MORE →

Muscle growth: your plan for success, Part 1

Muscle growth isn’t a hit or miss activity. It’s planned. If you put together an intelligent program, tailor it according to your own individual recuperative abilities and possible physical limitations, follow it diligently and conscientiously for long enough, and fully satisfy your rest, sleep and nutritional needs, you’ll build much bigger and stronger muscles. Sensible weight-training […] READ MORE →

25 top tips for how to build muscle mass

If your muscle mass is the same now as it was a few months ago, something is amiss — in the gym, out of the gym, or both. More of what didn’t work for you over the last few months isn’t going to work over the next few months. Changes are needed. Put the guidance in this article […] READ MORE →

Why you should include the side bend in your routine, and how to perform it properly.

The side bend is one of the select few “little” (or accessory) exercises that warrant inclusion in your routine at least some of the time. Most of what are considered “little” exercises are isolation movements, but not so the side bend. The side bend works such a lot of musculature that it isn’t really a little exercise. Two to four important accessory exercises can be effectively included in your weekly schedule without undermining your progress in the major exercises except during the final stage of a cycle when you’re well into new poundage territory in the major.. READ MORE →

How to train so that you feel like you could walk on water

Sometimes it can be helpful to know how some other bodybuilders train. And sometimes it can be helpful to keep in touch with supposed advances in training-related matters. But what should matter most with regards to your bodybuilding, and how to train, is making progress. HARDGAINER magazine provides different interpretations of abbreviated training because just one rendition of how to train doesn’t work well for everyone. Find an interpretation of abbreviated training that works for you—which usually requires some trial-and-error experimentation—and then apply it with.. READ MORE →

A chest routine that works

I do three exercises per body part. For example, for my chest I do bench presses, incline flyes, and cable crossovers. But the routine isn't working. My muscles haven’t grown for ages, even though I train seriously and consistently, and eat and sleep well. And I can bench press only 165 pounds for six reps. Please give me a chest routine that works! ... READ MORE →

How to hand yourself bigger muscles

                        Build bigger muscles by giving your hands a high priority. Though they are the essential link to barbells, dumbbells and machines, the hands are usually underappreciated. Without strong hands you’ll never be able to reach your full potential for muscle mass. That many […] READ MORE →

How to boost your muscle growth through exercise technique improvement

All successful bodybuilders have found nuances of exercise technique that work best for them for muscle growth. You need to do the same yourself. If your technique for a particular exercise is a mess, you should start anew and address all of its components. See Chapter 12 of BUILD MUSCLE, LOSE FAT, LOOK GREAT. But in […] READ MORE →

Bodybuilding: the perils of getting bigger

Bodybuilding is great only when it’s done in the right way. Becoming bigger is great only if it’s the right kind of “bigger.” The gym’s two “old timers” have trained together for nearly ten years—they’re an institution there. At 49 and 53 they are amongst the gym’s oldest bodybuilders, although they are still youthful in mind […] READ MORE →

How to build muscle: 5 further big lies that kill your bodybuilding progress

This is the third part of the BIG LIES series.   LIE #13: THE POWERLIFTS WILL MAKE YOU LOOK BLOCKY If you’re naturally stocky (with short limbs and a broad torso), the three powerlifts (properly done) will make you a larger-muscled stocky person. If you’re naturally lanky (with long limbs and a narrow torso), the […] READ MORE →

How to build muscle: 6 more big lies that kill your bodybuilding progress

This is the second part of the BIG LIES series.   LIE #7: ISOLATION EXERCISES ARE KEY FOR BUILDING MUSCLE The primary mass-building exercises are the big compound movements including squats, regular deadlifts, parallel grip deadlifts, bench presses, dips, overhead presses, chin-ups and pull-ups, rows, and pulldowns. Each can build mass in a broad area. […] READ MORE →


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