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Muscle growth: your plan for success, Part 4

GETTING SUPERVISION A training partner—someone who trains with you—is likely to be your most practical option. Either alternate sets (especially if your training programs are identical, or very similar), with each of you taking turns at supervising as you go along, or, one of you completes the workout with the other supervising, and then you […] READ MORE →

How to gain weight the right way: 4 big errors

  This is the second article in the GAIN WEIGHT series. To gain healthy weight you must train properly in order to stimulate muscle growth, and you must provide enough recovery time between workouts, and sufficient nourishment, to permit your body to build muscle in response to the growth stimulation.   MISTAKE #1: Following a training […] READ MORE →

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s program for hardgainers that will work for you

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training methods caused me enormous frustration during my first few years in bodybuilding—because they didn’t work for me—he still played a major part in enabling me to make a career out of bodybuilding. READ MORE →

How to build muscle: 6 big lies that kill your bodybuilding progress

The BIG LIES in this post are described as such in the context of drug-free, genetically normal bodybuilders. But some of the big lies are TRUTHS in the context of bodybuilders who are drug-fed and genetically highly gifted. Never mind what the drug-fed genetic freaks can build muscle on. What works for them doesn’t work for drug-free, genetically normal bodybuilders. Never mind what the drug-fed genetic freaks can build muscle on. What works for them doesn’t work for drug-free, genetically normal bodybuilders. READ MORE →

Five pivotal bodybuilding lessons

For much of my youth, muscles were more important to me than everything else in my life. I craved to be a professional bodybuilder. School work, social activities, and sport were neglected because of my all-consuming quest to build a great physique. READ MORE →

The bastardization of the term “hard gainer”

The term “hard gainer” has been much misunderstood and misinterpreted by many bodybuilders. And they have paid a heavy price. Some bodybuilders use their self-determined “hard-gainer” status as a scapegoat for their poor progress. But the primary explanation for their poor progress is that they don’t properly apply themselves to their training and recovery. Some […] READ MORE →

How to gain weight the right way: the 6 rules

Here’s the skinny on how not to be skinny. As a skinny teenager I “ate like a horse” but still couldn’t gain weight. Then through proper nutrition and exercise I built myself up by about 60 pounds, most of it muscle. Even if you don’t want to gain that much, the lessons I learned will […] READ MORE →

Bodybuilding’s bottom line

No matter what training routine you adopt, equipment you use, food you eat, supplements you take, or how knowledgeable you are about the bodybuilding world in general, unless you deliver on the effort and dedication fronts you’ll never make decent bodybuilding progress. To deliver gradually ever-heavier exercise poundages over the long-term—always performed with correct exercise […] READ MORE →

Marvelous Marvin’s bodybuilding success

Marvin is a marvel because, at 56 years old, he's in fantastic condition. But he's not a genetic freak, or stoked up on drugs. He's been training since he was 17, but he's never competed in bodybuilding—he never had the required genetics, or the foolishness to use bodybuilding drugs. But now, 39 years later, his physique is something to behold even for a well-trained natural bodybuilder in his forties, let alone someone close to 60. READ MORE →

How to build muscle: the closing 7 big lies

This is the fourth and final part of the BIG LIES series.   The following lies aren’t as directly involved in the muscle-building process as the previous 17 are. But they still cause misunderstanding that can lead to serious errors in training and recuperation, which hinder or even prohibit bodybuilding progress.   LIE #18: YOU […] READ MORE →

Two rubbish bodybuilding workouts

“Why aren’t my muscles growing?” many of you ask yourselves. To answer, I’ll outline two pseudo bodybuilding workouts that I observed recently, which are representative of the training of many struggling bodybuilders.   Pseudo bodybuilding workout #1 It was George’s lower-body day. He started with abs: four sets of leg raises, and four sets of […] READ MORE →

20 tips for terrific bodybuilding workouts

To improve your bodybuilding workouts, and your muscle-building progress, apply these 20 tips:   BEFORE THE WORKOUT 1. Find a reliable training partner who has a similar recovery ability to yours, and a high level of motivation for serious training. 2. Train at a time of day that suits you, and try to avoid the […] READ MORE →


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