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Some bodybuilding books: bad almost beyond belief


Some bodybuilding books: bad almost beyond belief

I recently leafed through a series of bodybuilding books from a famous author. The content was bad almost beyond belief. It was one awful book after another, preaching the same bull — training instruction totally inappropriate for drug-free, typical bodybuilders, decorated with genetic phenomena bolstered with drugs.

The naive, gullible and ignorant bodybuilding masses — especially young men — are attracted by the photographs in these books, buy the books, and follow the abysmal “instruction” that was used to fill the spaces between the photographs. And thus they get misled just like I did in years gone by, and millions of other bodybuilders, too.

Those books are not published to help the typical drug-free bodybuilder. There’s another agenda.

Relative to 1973, when I started training, today there are way more photograph albums that pose as instruction manuals. So the supply of lousy bodybuilding instruction is worse today than it was when I started out.

It can be argued, however, that bodybuilding failure is the intention, so there’s a great well of dissatisfaction that food supplement companies can draw upon in order to peddle their (often dubious) wares.

Even worse, and I’m not saying that this is intentional, but promoting training routines that don’t work for 95-plus percent of bodybuilders encourages drug use. Without drug assistance, those training methods don’t work.

No matter how awesome something looks, or is packaged, and no matter who says it or endorses it, never be persuaded that any workout instruction used by drug-fed genetic phenomena — even the watered down version — has any relevance to you. Think things out for yourself, be true to yourself, and follow routines that are appropriate for you, practical, and personalized to your individual situation.

If you don’t do all of this you’ll follow the same route of bodybuilding misery that millions already have, and further millions will as they apply themselves to training methods that haven’t a chance of yielding success unless drugs are used. And trading your soul and health (by using drugs) for fleeting physical rewards, is no sane way to go. Don’t wait until you no longer have your health before you appreciate the priceless value of good health.


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