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Bodybuilding goals: Did you deliver?


Bodybuilding goals: Did you deliver?

Did you nail yourself to specific bodybuilding goals and deadlines as I urged in the previous post?

Did you heighten your resolve, dedication and discipline?

Have you made each day a small step toward realizing your bodybuilding goals?

Have you become an achievement-orientated, goal-driven, success-attaining person?

I’m not trying to irritate you by checking up on you. I’m being supportive, because I want you to make the most of your training.

I wish someone had checked up on me when I was a young bodybuilder.


One of the advantages of having good hands-on training supervision is that there’s someone to get after you when you don’t deliver the goods; and someone to keep reminding you that you’ve got to keep delivering the goods, time after time after time.

I’m getting after each of you in order to ram home the importance of making each day count, so that you don’t get caught up in drifting and procrastinating.

Achievement in life—be it training related or otherwise—is about getting a sequence of days, weeks and months in good order.


Did you get the last couple of weeks of your training life in good order?

Did you stick to good abbreviated workouts comprised of major compound exercises?

Did you train consistently without skipping workouts?

Did you train hard?

Did you focus on progressive exercise poundages in good form?

Did you use small increments?

Did you deliver the training goods?


Did you organize your life so that you got enough sleep every night?

Did you watch less TV and got more sleep?

Did you avoid activities that would undermine your progress?

Did you deliver the goods as far as rest and sleep were concerned?


Did you eat well every day?

Did you eat often enough to provide a regular supply of quality nutrition?

Did you avoid cutting corners with your nutrition?

Did you keep tabs on your waist girth to ensure that you’re not eating yourself fat?

Did you focus on food and not supplements?

Did you deliver the nutritional goods?


Over the last couple of weeks, did you exploit to the full the tremendous power you have to improve your physique, fitness and health?

Were you 100% committed to doing the best that you possibly could?

And did you stay clear of distractions?

Continue to nail yourself to specific bodybuilding goals, and make things happen.


Really make each day count, and make each week a perfect example of training, sleep, rest in general, and nutrition—and another step forward to the realization of your bodybuilding goals.

You can do this, week in and week out, so long as you really set your mind to it.

No matter how encyclopedic your knowledge of training and training-related matters may be, only the application of the right knowledge will improve your physique.

Half-hearted or sporadic application produces little or no progress. Full-blooded, consistent commitment is the only way forward.

Make the commitment, and make every day count—no more wasted days!


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