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The thrill of bodybuilding


Bodybuilding transformation.

The power to change one’s own physique is one of the biggest appeals of bodybuilding, if not the biggest. Lifting weights is a solo activity over which you alone have the power of control. Once you know what to do, you need rely on no one.

No matter where you are now — big or small, strong or weak, young or not so young — compete with yourself. It’s you, against you. Progress is measurable, and concrete. It can be as little as just one more rep than last week in a given exercise, with the same poundage. Or it could be the same rep count but with an extra pound on the bar. Or it could be one of several other indicators of progress.

All of these small doses of progress are little thrills you’ll never tire of. They make bodybuilding a fabulous activity. But you can’t experience this unless you implement a productive interpretation of training.

Physique improvement and strength training aren’t just about getting bigger and stronger muscles, although, of course, they’re hugely satisfying in themselves. Training is also about enjoying exercise, and making yourself fitter, more flexible and healthier, and about strengthening your mind, self-esteem and confidence.

Although physically hard to do, training satisfies a basic human need for physical effort. No matter where you are now, you can take delight in realizing some new goal in the physical sphere.

But none of this can happen unless you rate exercise high in your priorities. Resolve, now, to give your exercise program and dietary discipline the priority they deserve. Get on course for realizing the physical qualities you admire. Put a spark in your life through bodybuilding.

Not only will you look and feel great, and maintain your physical youth, but you’ll love the journey there and the knocking off of all the little targets; and revel in the pleasure that exercise brings.

Each of us can create a utopia of training sanity, and develop ourselves so that we’re outstanding in the minds of untrained people. We can then present ourselves as examples of how training works for “average” people.

Resistance training is one of man’s finest discoveries. So that you don’t miss your chance to benefit from it, learn how to train and recuperate properly.


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